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The Ultimate List of Free Vocal Samples in 2024

The Ultimate List of Free Vocal Samples in 2024
Download 3,384 Free Vocal Samples

“The best things in life are free… and $19.95”

— Billy Mays

Get hyped, because I just compiled 3,384+ free vocal samples for you.

Why does that matter?

Well, yes — vocals provide something for listeners to latch on to, helping your music become more memorable, catchier, and commercially viable.

But vocal samples can also...

  • Act as a cheat code for your next song (...structuring and arranging your next song will be 10x easier with vocals)
  • Act as inspiration, helping you get ideas going so you don't have to start from scratch (...which saves you time and effort)
  • Act as a placeholder for your next single (...simply produce your next song with a vocal sample or acapella, and then remove it when you shop around for an official vocalist)

Which is exactly why this article now exists.

Not gonna lie, this blog post is pretty epic — it gathers the 17 best free vocal packs on the internet today and organizes them by size, sample count, and what makes them unique...

And the best part? You don’t need to break the bank by buying tons of sample packs or hiring session singers. There are plenty of free vocal samples out there that you can flex your creativity on. 

But who has time to scour the internet for the best vocal samples, right?We’ve done that for you so you can get back to making great music.

The Ultimate List of Free Vocal Samples

Free Drums and FX: Cymatics


LANDR is mostly known for their automated mastering but they also have samples too. 

This pack is full of 50 great samples that are soulful and fit well with EDM music. 

If you need one-shots, loops, and/or atmospheres, this pack is a great start. 

Note: you’ll need to make a LANDR account in order to access the pack, but once you do, it’s totally free.

Total size: 127 MB

Sample count: 50

What makes this unique: This pack provides a healthy mix of free vocal samples generally best fitted to all sorts of EDM genres.

Free Drums and FX: ThatSound

2. Black Octopus Sound

Black Octopus Sound is a treasure trove of samples. One of their claims to fame is their infamous vocal pack by Veela. 

This free pack is a massive and generous 2.5 GB of sounds. It not only contains a sampler of the Veela pack but tons of other sounds too. 

The only catch is to sign up for their mailing list. But given the size and quality of the pack, it’s 100% worth it.

This pack stretches across too many genres to count but take a look and make an awesome song with them. 

Total size: 1.8 GB

Sample count: 1038

What makes this unique: This is a huge mix of awesome samples hand-picked from Black Octopus’ library. This is arguably one of the best vocal sample packs ever created.

Free Drums and FX: Hyperbits

3. Josua David Vocals | Samplephonics

Joshua David Washington is an accomplished composer, singer and songwriter. 

This pack is filled with a handful of soulful samples that are influenced by jazz, RnB, soul and hip hop. 

The full pack of 46 sounds is only $6. So if you like what you hear, I recommend checking out the full pack. 

Jazz up your beats with this pack of shots, harmonies, and more. 

Total size: 12 MB

Sample count: 5

What makes this unique: Very high quality soulful samples.

Free Drums and FX: Black Octopus

4. Sexy Whispers | 91Vocals

Whispered female words, phrases and FX always come in handy. You can add sensual intimacy and emotion to your music using these samples.

This pack contains 27 dry processed whispered words and 27 wet (and sexy) whispers in clean reverb spaces.

You have to enter some information in order to check out with this pack but it’s worth it for these high quality samples. 

Total size: 35 MB

Sample count: 54

What makes this unique: Not many packs out there provide a treasure-trove of free vocal samples containing entirely sexy whispers. Have fun with this one.

Free Drums and FX: Splice

5. Free Female Vocals | Ghosthack

Ghosthack doesn’t give themself enough credit. On their website, they say this pack is “decent” but I have to disagree. 

This pack is high quality and contains a lot of diverse sounds that fit well in electronic music. 

For the price of your email, you’ll get 75 vocal samples ranging from FX, dry, and wet sounds.

When listening to this pack, I’m confident you’ll find a spark of new inspiration for your next hit. Afterall, just because the vocal samples are free, doesn’t mean you can’t make a banger with them.

Total size: 244 MB

Sample count: 75

What makes this unique: A lot of diverse, fun sounds that would fit great in tech house, piano house, and classic house genres.

Free Drums and FX: Slate Digital

6. Free Vocal Samples and Acapellas 2019 | Ghosthack

Back at it again, Ghosthack continues to impress. 

2019 might seem like a decade ago but don’t be fooled. This pack is filled with great vocal samples. 

In this pack, you’ll find one-word shots, ad-libs, phrases, and even 2 acapellas from full tracks. The bonus is, there’s more than one singer in this pack so you’ll get more diversity in your sounds. 

35 samples in total, these samples will be perfect for your next electronic track. 

Like before, it only costs your email. Dive in!

Total size: 72 MB

Sample count: 35

What makes this unique: This pack is small and strictly acapella giving you an opportunity to work with a full vocal performance. Wet and dry.

Free Drums and FX: Make Pop Music

7. Ultimate Vocal Library 3 Free Teaser Pack | Ghosthack

Unlike the previous two Ghosthack packs, this one is a teaser for their “ultimate Vocal Library 3” pack.

The full pack contains 1000 awesome vocal samples but this free pack will give you 28 unique samples. As a bonus, they even threw in a full acapella. 

The full (paid) pack is worth checking out though. At the time of this writing, it is $70 (on sale from $200) so it’s worth considering.

Use this pack in your next EDM or pop tracks. 

Total size: 182 MB

Sample count: 1000

What makes this unique: This is a teaser pack that takes the best from Ghosthack’s top packs. It is super high quality and great for all forms of electronic dance music and pop style tracks.

Free Drums and FX: Echo Sound Works

8. Free Vocal Pack by Takeaway Sounds | Antidote Audio

This pack is a collaboration between Antidote Audio, Takeaway Sounds and Malarkey. 

Compared to most of the packs mentioned above, this pack is stacked with samples. 

Inside, you’ll get 16 adlibs, 10 vocal cuts, 7 loops, 7 acapellas (some including stems), 4 shouts, and more. 

The pack is locked behind a Soundcloud fangate but I think it’s worth it for this pack. 

Give these samples a try in your next hit!

Total size: 317 MB

Sample count: 56

What makes this unique: All of the samples in this pack are mix-ready and high quality.

Free Drums and FX: 99 Sounds

9. Vocal Hazard Pack Volume 2 Demo | VOLTEROCK

This pack is unique compared to the rest mentioned in this list. 

Volterock brings a generous vocal pack of 748 sounds containing tons of “hazardous wails of humanity.” The best part is, there are no strings attached to download.

Inside, you’ll find tons of sounds ranging from vowels, spoken words, coughs, burps, and many more. 

This pack would be perfect for producers scoring movies or simply want to add a unique touch to their songs.  

Total size: 129 MB

Sample count: 748

What makes this unique: You get to choose from a handful of singers and styles, allowing you a decent amount of room for creativity.




"I'd buy a book full of tips like these."
- Some dude on Reddit





"I'd buy a book full of tips like these."
- Some dude on Reddit

Free Drums and FX: Steven Slate

10. EDM Vocals | HighLife Samples

HighLife Samples is giving away yet another free sample pack. 

Inside this vocal pack, you will find 5 full male acapella vocals. Including wet and dry versions of each. 

The bonus is, once you unlock the download, HighLife gives you instant access to all of their free packs.

This particular pack would be great for your next emotional EDM song but with all of the other free samples you’ll receive, you’ll be able to make pretty much any genre of electronic music. 

You’re going to need to refill your coffee to explore this pack.  

Total size: 3.9 GB

Sample count: 5

What makes this unique: You'll get 5 full wet and dry male acapellas which is rare in and of itself.

Free Drums and FX: WA Producitons

11. Free Vocal Samples | Stay On Beat

Stay On Beat surprised us with this free vocal sample pack. They pride themselves on only giving the best quality samples.

Inside this pack, there are 17 samples of loops. Ranging from choirs, female voices, harmonies, and even melodies, you’ll undoubtedly be able to add some spice to your tracks with these. 

Stay On Beat even encourages you to submit any beats you make with their samples for consideration on their blog. That added exposure could be huge for your career. 

You miss every shot you don’t take afterall.

Total size: 40 MB

Sample count: 17

What makes this unique: Most of these free vocal samples are dreamy and airy, and could make or inspire great atmospheres and textures.

Free Drums and FX: Music Radar

12. Ad-lib Samples | MusicRadar

While MusicRadar mostly center around gear news, they do shine light on great samples. 

In this vocal sample pack, you’ll get 327 ad-lib, FX and spoken word samples. 

The best part is, you don’t have to pony-up your data in order to download them. 

Use these songs on your next EDM or pop song.

Total size: 266 MB

Sample count: 327

What makes this unique: These free vocal samples may become your go-to for ad-lib samples. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Free Drums and FX: Loopmasters

13. Free Female Vocal Samples | MusicRadar

MusicRadar shared yet another pack. This one containing 1,338 soulful female vocals.

This generous pack is geared towards many genres, including rock, trance, hip hop, and more. 

I see this pack having a lot of creative potential and am eager to use it more. 

Try this pack yourself in your next beat.

Total size: 469 MB

Sample count: 1,338

What makes this unique: This pack is absolutely huge and features a diverse array of sounds for a free vocal sample pack. Get it!

14. Free Vocal Samples 2022 | Loopcrate

Back at it again, Loopcrate continues their generosity with this pack.

Inside is 9 melodic loops with no gates to pass in order to download.

This pack would be great for your next hip hop beat or house track. Give it a try and let us know what you create.

Total size: 43 MB

Sample count: 9

What makes this unique: These samples would work well primarily as atmospheres, textures and vocal pads.

15. Vocal Loops 2022 | Dynasty Blog

I wanted to make sure we covered a wide range of genres when it comes to vocal sample packs. 

While there are not hard and fast rules on what samples should be used for what genre, this pack is perfect for reggaetón, reggae, dancehall moombahton, afro, and more. 

This pack contains 29 great-sounding vocal melody loops, including vocal chop loops. 

Draw some inspiration on your next hit using this pack. 

Total size: 102 MB

Sample count: 29

What makes this unique: This pack is primarily wet vocal chop melody loops, which can be great for inspiration, creativity and song-starting.

18. "Indigo" Free Vocal Sample Pack | Chubby Beatz

Chubby Beatz releases tons of free sample packs but this one I felt deserved special consideration. 

Total size: 138 MB

Sample count: 36

What makes this unique: This pack would be perfect for rap and hip hop beats but I highly recommend checking out Chubby Beatz’s other packs as well.

Final Thoughts:

Congrats! You now have amassed a large library of fresh (and free) vocal samples. 

With these sounds, you’ll bring new life and breath to your music. The best part is, you got to give your wallet a break. 

Top off your newfound mountain of free vocal samples with some free education; Check out our free training, Advanced Mixing, Sound Design & Processing Chains Workshops.

Remember: Just because vocal samples are free, doesn’t mean you can’t make an awesome song with them.




"I'd buy a book full of tips like these."
- Some dude on Reddit





"I'd buy a book full of tips like these."
- Some dude on Reddit