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Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight: RTIK

Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight:


'There’s endless paths to success, but only one we can carve for ourselves'


Coming off of the heels of some impressive releases and label attention throughout the last half of 2021, it was high time we took a second to sit down with Carlo, also known as RTIK.

RTIK's journey through production is a unique one; constantly traveling the world on business doing event marketing for some of the largest luxury car brands in the world. But he always keeps his laptop within arm's reach, producing some of his best records while flying across Europe.

And while he loves the few pieces of hardware that always stay in his home studio, RTIK is a testament that you don't need expensive synths and modular walls of blinking lights to catch the attention of some of the biggest names in the game. Don't believe be? Just keep reading and you'll see just how far he's come solely on a laptop, generating a constant stream of inspiration.

RTIK took the Hyperbits Masterclass a few years back, and has been returning to the course frequently ever since. Since students get lifetime access AND lifetime updates to the course means that he has grown alongside the course for almost half a decade. And as the course upgrades and expands, so has his music. So without further pause, take a listen to his latest remix that was signed to Rufus Du Sol's label and learn about the journey he's been on since we first met years ago.

What was it about music production that got you into it in the first place?

I got into music production at a pretty late age compared to most people. Music has always played a big part in my life. Since I was a kid I was surrounded by countless records at home, with my parents introducing me to so many different genres (jazz, hip hop, electronic..) from my earliest days.

I did play the guitar but never focused too much on it and eventually dropped it to pursue my sporting dreams, as I ran track all throughout high school (in Italy) which led to a scholarship to go run in the United States at a D1 college. It was only after I stopped running that I decided I wanted to go back and focus on my creative side.

I had always been fascinated by electronic music, wondering how some sounds could be achieved. My brain was always overanalyzing music to discover the hidden secrets and sounds in each song. It was only right to give it a shot, so in 2015 I downloaded Logic (I use Ableton now), bought a MIDI controller and never looked back. 

What have been your two greatest accomplishments in music so far?

Definitely the highlight for me was releasing a remix for Paraleven on Rose Avenue Records (Rüfüs Du Sol’s label) alongside names such as Icarus, Spencer Brown and Stephan Jolk.

It was definitely unexpected but so grateful for the support Josh (Paraleven) has given me since I sent him my first demos. I think it was definitely a turning point for me and an awakening which led me to realize my music was now finally ready to be released on top tier labels. Not that I ever doubted in the music I was making, but as a person you always have those doubts that you’re just not there yet quality wise and you can do more. It’s the perfectionist side of me. 

Another accomplishment I am super proud of is scoring part of a documentary on the Italian painter “Tintoretto” and seeing my name next to one of the most influential Italian composers Teho Teardo. This came out in April in many movie theaters in Italy and Europe and has already received honorable mentions at film festivals. 


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Let's dive a bit deeper into one of those accomplishments. What do you think is a quality about yourself that made such a feat possible and what can other producers do to replicate that level of success?

Ever since I started making music the one promise I made to myself was to always make what felt right and good in my heart, not focusing on how it needed to sound to make it fit to certain style or label. This was quite difficult as my influences range from classical music, ambient, downtempo, the heavier side of techno and other melodic styles.

So it was a long and beautiful adventure figuring out how I wanted my music to sound and feel, and looking back I love observing how it evolved over the years. However, I personally feel that you never stop discovering your “signature sound” and I always want to bring something new to the table, pushing the sound forward into uncharted territories. And when you are finally noticed and appreciated for the sound that you have built from the ground up, that’s the most rewarding feeling, whether it is a release on a label, or a score for a film.

And it feels even better when you didn’t have to sacrifice your identity to fit into a musical “standard” or genre. I don’t think any artist can replicate another’s path and each should carve their own and focus on themselves, there are too many variables to consider to make comparisons. Some artists make it big in a few years, others after 10/15. The one constant that I have observed in the artists I look up to is that they have all followed their own unique musical vision, even if it wasn’t considered “popular” in the first place.

What's the biggest A-Ha moment you've had in music that brought your career or your mentality towards music production to a new level?

I think just taking a chance and putting yourself out there. Sending your music, receive criticism from trusted ears and just keep making what feels true to you. You may get rejected 99 times, but it only takes 1 person to turn your life around. I never put too much pressure on me to “make it” and always made music when the time felt right, when the motivation was backed by real life events and experiences.

I could go months without making anything good or didn’t feel any inspiration, and then out of nowhere make 3/4 amazing ideas in a few weeks. That’s the beauty of it in my opinion. It’s a constant discovery.

What did you find to be the most frustrating thing about music production when you started? Did the Hyperbits Masterclass change your perspective on this after graduating from the course?

In the beginning it felt like an endless world and the hardest thing for me was knowing how to put the pieces of the puzzle together. While there are no wrong ways of making a good record and each person has their own unique production style and workflow, there are some important points each producer should master and keep in mind when creating music on a laptop.

After a couple of years of self-teaching to learn the basics, the Hyperbits Masterclass helped me make the next step to understand how to tie together the pieces of the puzzle and the why’s. I still use, up to this day, the reasonings and teachings I learned in the class, which have helped me overcome critical decisions on arrangement and mixing. Learning the correct order and chains to achieve a certain result, this has been the most beneficial thing for me.

Tell us about your work career and how you manage to also make incredible music on top of it all?

I work as a Brand Communication Developer for an event agency. We mostly handle events for Ferrari throughout Europe and I curate all communication content, entertainment events, shows, and special set-up productions for our clients. I travel pretty much every week so finding free time to produce can be tricky.

I do bring my laptop with me everywhere I go so if I have some free time in the hotel at night or on the plane ride I might work on some projects or sometimes develop new ideas. When I’m back home I try to plan the long sessions, especially during the weekend, to really get in the zone for hours and finish music without having to worry about anything else. Not really having a routine does help me creatively as I don’t do well with replicating the same workflow or conditions when developing a track.

Some of my best ideas have sparked on a train ride or on a plane, while others from long sound design sessions with my synths at home. So I never know when the next exciting spark will happen.

How did the Hyperbits Masterclass help your success as a producer?

As I mentioned earlier, having a clear understanding of the tools that are available is what helped me take my production to the next step. We producers all have the same tools available, but it’s all about how you use them and why you use them in a certain situation.

Mastering key concepts such as when using compression, effects, or simply being able to sculpt a sound you imagine in your head with the tools you have is what can make or break a good musical idea.

The beautiful thing of it all, is that there is so much knowledge out there that it takes more than a lifetime to grasp it all.

Share with me the biggest piece of wisdom that has nothing to do with music, but that has had the largest impact on your musical life.

There’s endless paths to success, but only one we can carve for ourselves. Following somebody else’s footprints doesn’t lead anywhere. I always try to keep this in mind when I’m facing difficult moments or when I’m comparing my progress to someone else’s.

"I still use, up to this day, the reasonings and teachings I learned in the Masterclass, which have helped me overcome critical decisions on arrangement and mixing.

Learning the correct order and chains to achieve a certain result, this has been the most beneficial thing for me."


Tell me your hottest take...

Coffee is overrated, tea is the way to go! 🍵🍵🍵

RTIK's approach to music and his workflow when it comes to production have allowed him to excel at what he does despite rarely ever having time to actually sit in the studio. It truly goes to show that with the right mindsets, investing in the right resources, and a passion for the craft is all you need to get noticed by the biggest acts in the industry.

And the Hyperbits Masterclass was the beginning (and will be there until the very end). We believe that lifetime access to everything that we offer is an inalienable right to every producer we work with, and the benefits of such are seen clearly in the success RTIK has had over the years.  So we want to extend a gracious thanks to RTIK for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. Keep up with him through the links below:

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