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Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight: Sam Welch

Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight:

Sam Welch

Everyone from Bricklayers to Doctors has had to learn their trade. Making music is no different. Knowledge is power.

Sam Welch

Last year, I got a message out of the blue on a random Monday from an alumni of the Hyperbits Masterclass. Not only had Sam Welch just hit one million monthly listeners on Spotify, but he had recently quit his day job and was able to do music full time as an artist, topliner, producer and engineer. He even signed with an incredible manager to help grow his career and brand.

He mentioned how much the Hyperbits Masterclass had helped him dial in his production chops and asked if there was any way he could give back to the Hyperbits community. Not only was he seeing incredible success, but he wanted to pay it forward. This is what it's all about.

A few messages later, and we decided to collaborate on a track together, from which 'Another Life' was born in just a few short sessions. The track finally came out on Lilly Era last week. You can stream it below, and learn all about how Sam Welch has taken the electronic world by storm with his incredible vocals, writing and top tier production skills.

What problems in your own production were you looking to solve for when you first signed up for the Hyperbits Masterclass back in 2018?

I'd been producing and singing for about 8 years when I came across the Hyperbits Masterclass. I was creating stuff I was very happy with. However, when comparing my music to the established artists, I knew that my mixing, mastering, and composition were lacking.

I had never had any schooling and was always making it up as I went along. Sometimes I would look at the blank arrange page and think… “what am I doing?”

I really wanted to develop a method of music-making that I could come back to every time. I also knew I needed to improve my understanding of all EQ/Compression etc... But I also needed to find an organized system that would allow me to let the creativity flow. Thankfully, the Hyperbits Masterclass gave me all of this. Things like the vocal chains and mastering chains I learned in the class were absolute game-changers for me.

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You mentioned that you do all of your own vocal processing. How has that helped differentiate you as a vocalist/topliner?

I guess as Artists & Producers we are all constantly trying to define our sound. We want to be original and unique while also making sure that what we come up with stands up against all the amazing music that is being released all the time.

Processing my own vocals has enabled me to stand out from other artists. It's taken a really long time but more often than not my collaborators send me my own stuff as a reference when they approach me for a vocal. This is such a good feeling as it makes me feel like my vocal is becoming recognizable and sought after. I LOVE IT.

You've had releases with some awesome labels like Selected, Oneseven, and Loudkult (not to mention upcoming releases with Sony, Perfect Havok, and another one with Selected). How were you able to work your way up in the industry so quickly?

During the Hyperbits Masterclass, one of the teachers mentioned a list of places where producers could find vocals & vocalists. I decided to set myself up as a vocalist on a few of these sites and soon found that lots of producers wanted to work with me.

At first, I would turn my hand to lots of different styles Rap/Moombahton/Pop/Rock you name it... Using all the methods and tools I'd learned in the Hyperbits Masterclass made it really streamlined. I found I could come up with a topline most evenings after work. (After I had cooked dinner for my girlfriend of course). This really helped to supplement my income and eventually, I got to work with some great house artists who were constantly releasing with labels.

Then one day I got an email from a chap called John Saunderson over at Osetero. I had heard of him before and knew he was an amazing artist manager with incredible connections. He had heard my stuff and wanted to offer me a management contract. I jumped at the chance and haven't looked back since. Thanks, John!

You recently hit 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. How does it feel to reach such a validating number?

Crazy!! When I think of all the amazing people I have had the pleasure of collaborating with, all the songs I have written, and all that time I've spent in front of the logic arrange page. Hitting 1 million monthly listeners really felt like a moment I should savor. I took the day off and went for a steak dinner with my girlfriend and some friends.

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You dropped the day job not too long ago and are a full-time topliner! Any tips for anyone wanting to pursue a similar journey in music?
  1. Find a method or system: I can not express how much having a system has helped me improve my productivity. Spending hours playing with fx sends is super fun but it can soak up those creative juices really fast. You want to have a system in place so you can throw those ideas down ASAP.
  2. Find a consistent work schedule: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working". A bit cliche but this quote from Picasso has stuck with me. It's so important to find a regular time to do your work. That will mean different things for different people but whatever time you can spare, spend it doing what you love.
  3. Collaboration: I've always wanted to produce my own stuff from the bottom up. But I've realized that once you've released a track it no longer belongs to you. It's shared with anyone and everyone who (hopefully) enjoys it. So why not share the creative process too. Also, you can learn so much from working with other people. It's a win-win.
  4. Education: If you are struggling to finish music or are finishing music but not quite happy with the end product, then seek some education. Everyone from Bricklayers to Doctors has had to learn their trade. Making music is no different. Knowledge is power.
  5. It's a marathon, not a sprint: Don't stress, enjoy making music. Although it sometimes falls on deaf ears, my partner often tells me "it's the journey, not the destination".


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Who is your dream collaboration?

I have had the pleasure of working with awesome artists like Alok, Tom Enzy, Palastic, and Nu Aspect, and am so proud of these achievements. I think my two favorite artists of the last few years has to be Bicep & Fred Again. I would love to work on some stuff with that gritty UK feel.

What's next for you as an artist? Any big goals you are trying to achieve after going full-time, getting management, and hitting a million monthly streams?

My next focus is to try and get a live set, up and running. I'm investing in a few bits of kit like a Roland SPD and trying to figure out how to use Abelton. I've not regularly performed live since I was in school so I'm not expecting it to come together overnight. But I'm looking forward to taking my time having and fun with it.

Sam's success in production and toplining is due in huge part to his consistency and unbridled work ethic. On top of that, he credits lifelong learning and a habit of sharing the creative process with others as reasons why he has been able to truly chart his own course in the music industry

Sam started the Hyperbits Masterclass just a few short years ago. After signing up for the course he developed an organized system for producing music that has enabled him to develop a style that stands out in today's oversaturated market. So we want to extend a gracious thanks to Sam for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. Keep up with Sam through the links below:

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A bit about me in case you're new here: my music has been streamed over 52+ million times.

I've done official remixes for artists like Beyonce, Tove Lo, and Nick Jonas, signed record deals with Universal, Island, and Sony, and worked with brands like Target, Samsung, and Equinox. I've even DJed some of the world's biggest stages, like Electric Daisy Carnival, Terminal 5, Fonda Theater, and Echostage.

If you have questions about music production or the Hyperbits Masterclass get in touch. I'm here to help.




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