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Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight: Shishi

Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight:


'Perfectionism is just fear in disguise.'

— ShiShi

With the release of his newest album, CHRYSALIS, a 14-song journey through the depths of the psyche, exploring the dark side of the human experience (complete with guided meditations to help you work through emotions of lust, anger, fear and shame, it was high time we took a second to sit down with ShiShi.

'Life on the Road' would be an understatement when describing ShiShi's life, but not in the way that you think. Not only has his music brought him to some of the most iconic stages across the country,  but also because he spent the majority of his youth in transit; moving between three countries and cultures before the age of ten.

And it's this journey, this movement, that has shaped him to be the producer he is today; a producer who has seen support from the likes of Major Lazor, Mark Knight, Lost Frequencies, Gorgon City, and many more.

ShiShi was an early adopter of the Hyperbits Masterclass, taking the course in one of its earliest iterations. The Masterclass, much like ShiShi, has changed and evolved countless times since then; all for the better. ShiShi's graduation from the course was the first of many career-defining milestones on the road to living a successful and sustainable life as a creative.

Tell me a bit about your journey as a music producer. How has your upbringing affected where you are today?

Both of my parents are Indian, and my mom is a classical Indian singer, so I grew up hearing her singing Indian melodies in the house all the time. I was raised on three different continents; living in China, Switzerland and the USA all before the age of 10.

Those two factors have definitely influenced my knack for combining elements from different cultures and bringing Eastern sounds into my music. I also grew up playing classical violin and later, guitar. I think playing two really melodic instruments has definitely make me a melody-driven producer and artist.

What quality do you love most about producing music? Has it always been this or has what you deem most exciting about music shifted as your skills have improved over time?

My favorite thing about producing music has remained constant since day one – the moment when something dope floats out of the ether into existence.

It could be a melody, a sound, a drum pattern, or anything really. That moment when you know you've been blessed by the music gods with an incredible idea. That moment will always be a mystery to me, and is what keeps me coming back to the studio every day to make music.


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What are two lessons, one in life and one in music, that you wished you had learned earlier?

Life: Perfectionism is just fear in disguise.

Music: Perfectionism is just fear in disguise.

What's the biggest A-Ha moment you've had in music that brought your career or your mentality towards music production to a new level?

Keep it simple.

Make sure everything in your song is serving a clear purpose in the overall intention of the song.

What did you find to be the most frustrating thing about music production when you started? Did the Hyperbits Masterclass change your perspective on this after graduating from the course?

I always felt like the process of actually finishing a song - that crucial last 5% - was this mystifying process that always evaded me. I always felt like I had great ideas, but could never quite get them to the finish line sounding as professional as the records I love.

Hyperbits definitely changed my perspective on this - especially watching the Start To Finish videos - because I got to see in a very step-by-step, methodical way how to actually bring a song to the finish line. This gave me a ton of confidence in my own ability to do the same.

What did you think 'success in music' would look like when you were younger? What does it mean to you now?

I used to think just being able to make a living from my music would mean success. To a degree I still have this viewpoint, but of course the amount of money that satisfies that definition increases as I grow and want more and more out of life.

Now my definition of "success in music" is to have a consistent enough creative output and public brand that I have a steady stream of financial opportunities coming in, so I don't feel any sense of scarcity about my economic sustainability as an artist.

How did the Hyperbits Masterclass help your success as a producer?

It really gave me the blueprint to produce music at a professional level. There's a clear "before and after" demarcation line in my life as a producer and artist - before Hyperbits I had a lot of great ideas. After Hyperbits I also had the ability to bring them to fruition the way the sounded in my head.

Share with me the biggest piece of wisdom that has nothing to do with music, but that has had the largest impact on your musical life.

Don't take advice from people who aren't where you want to be.

"The Hyperbits Masterclass really gave me the blueprint to produce music at a professional level. There's a clear 'before and after' demarcation line in my life as a producer and artist ...

...before Hyperbits, I had a lot of great ideas.

After Hyperbits, I also had the ability to bring them to fruition the way the sounded in my head."

There is an obvious intersection between spirituality and music, one that you make evident in your Full Circle parties and your label CASHIR. But I would love to hear you describe in your own words what that intersection is, and what it means to you.

To me, music is a portal to spirituality. It's a gateway to expansive experiences, where we can commune with a force that feels bigger than ourselves. And it's so universal - whether someone identifies as "spiritual" or not - we've all had transcendent experiences through music.

In that sense, I see it as more than just a form of recreation or entertainment - it's a portal to spiritual experiences, and one that's free of dogma or the need to believe anything. Music is for everyone.

Tell me your hottest take (bonus points if it has nothing to do with music and don't have it be anything about pineapple on pizza... I've heard that a million times!)

Plot Twist: we're all waves in the same ocean, waves that have forgotten that we are all made of the same water 🌊 🌊 🌊.

ShiShi's breadth of experiences and cultural backgrounds enables him to bring truly unique voices and vibes to the music he's making, but those experiences alone aren't what got him to where he's at today. His ability to express those experiences through music is what does, and is the leading factor in why he has found a unique sound where many other producers seem to struggle.

And he admits that working alongside the Hyperbits Masterclass was quintessential throughout the entire process, as it enabled him to show the world what she had to say in a way most other producers never could. So we want to extend a gracious thanks to ShiShi for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. Keep up with ShiShi through the links below:

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