Exporting Stems

Keep all automation, reductive or additive EQ, compression and effects like reverb, delay, flanger, chorus, etc. ON each stem. Do NOT undo all the work you’ve already done. If there is a problem that can’t be addressed with the wet stem you’ve provided, we will be in touch to ask for a replacement stem.


Stem naming structure:

If working on a stem master, create roughly 12-15 group stems of your project. As mentioned above, you can keep all EQ, compression, sidechain, reverb, delay, and various effects on – if any problem exists, we will let you know and ask for a replacement stem.

Here is an example of what grouped stems might look like:

1. Kick 2. Clap/Snare 3. Cymbals 4. Toms/Percussion 5. Synth Chords 6. Synth Leads 7. Top Bass 8. Low Bass 9. Piano 10. Strings/Pads 11. Vocal Leads 12. Vocals BG 13. FX 1 14. FX 2

When exporting, make sure:

1. Nothing is on the master channel
2. Normalization is off
3. Dithering is off
4. At least -3 dBs of headroom
5. Provide 24 bit wav files

Include Midi! That’s right…

If there is any instrumentation that you think might need layering, swapping out for a new sound, please include the midi. When engineering we aren’t necessarily ghost producing, but we are super down to do whatever it takes to make your track sound amazing, even if that means we need to layer your sounds with our own patches. So make sure to include midi for melodic stuff like synth chords, piano chords, pads, bass lines, etc.

Don’t Forget a Reference Track:

When sending your stems, make sure to include at least one highly quality reference track so we can achieve a proper level of professional quality with your track (we define high quality as 320KBPS MP3 or standard WAV file)

Ready to send? We love WeTransfer:

Before sending the stems through WeTransfer, make sure you have all of the following included. Consider this a checklist of sorts:

1. Properly labeled and grouped stems in 24 bit
2. All included Midi
3. At least ONE reference track
4. All files compressed into one zip file (just right click on the folder and compress)