The 17 Best Studio Desks for Music Producers

The 17 Best Studio Desks for Music Producers

"Find a space where you can be creative and a place where you are open for free thinking, you want to enjoy what you are doing and do what you are best at."
– David Karp

Building out a home recording studio or a professional studio, is a big project to take on. There are countless things to think about, like acoustic treatment, monitor placement, gear arrangement, recording space, listening position, and much more. At the center of many of these decisions is the most important piece of furniture in your studio, the desk. 

Why is it important to choose the best studio desk for your needs? To facilitate an optimal place for you to be inspired and creative in your music. Having the right recording studio desk for your equipment will improve your workflow and make you a better producer and increase productivity.

What to look for in a music production desk?

Choosing a studio desk isn’t an easy task. There are hundreds of different options out there and the best desk for someone else might not be the best option for you. So here are some important things to consider before you even pick a desk.


Music studio desks will run you anywhere from $200 up to $6,000. On the cheaper end, you can find practical small space desks, however, quality and customization increase with the price. 

Just so you don't break the bank, we’ve listed the best studio workstations under $3000.

Desk Size & Studio Space

Your studio space is different than everyone else, so the perfect desk for you will heavily depend on its size. When choosing your desk, use a tape measure to check the dimensions in your studio.

Materials & Build

Build quality and materials will affect the durability of your desk. Rack gear can be heavy and when keyboard drawers are constantly used, you’ll want your desk to last through its use.

Ergonomics & Design

The functionality of your music production desk will be affected by the positioning of your gear in the desk. Studios should be designed to increase productivity. Your studio monitor bridge should also provide an optimal listening position.

Gear Space

This is a big one. Studio Desks accommodate different types of gear. Outboard units, keyboards, studio monitors, and cable management are all important things to think about while looking through this list


Having an aesthetically pleasing room and desk will give a sense of professionalism for the clients that visit your studio. It will also give you a comfortable place to focus.

Our Top Picks

Best Studio Desk Overall
Best Budget Studio Desk
Best Studio Desk for Outboard Gear
Best Studio Desk With Keyboard Tray
Best Standing Desk for Music Studio
Best DIY Music Desk

Best Music Studio Desks

1. Platform Studio Desk | Output

Price: $699-$949

Size:  W-60”  D-36”  H-36.50”

Material: 100% Wood

Style/Design: Innovative / Wooden

Rack Space: 9U

Keyboard Tray: 88 Key

Output created the Platform studio desk with 100% birch wood. Built for musicians, this timeless design has great cable management, 9U of rack space, a keyboard tray, and a bridge for studio monitors. 

The finished wood on these desks gives your studio a sleek, natural feel making your studio feel more aesthetic and unique. Desks with these features usually cost twice as much. All things considered, the Platform Studio Desk is our #1 pick.

Best Studio Headphones - srh840

2. Spike 88 Key Studio Desk | AZ Studio

Price: $1,299

Size:  W-61.38”  D-26.75”  H-36.50”

Material: Wood

Style/Design: Sturdy / Functional

Rack Space: 6 U

Keyboard Tray: 88 Key

Spike 88 Keyboard Studio desk was specifically designed to be a small home recording studio desk to fit into bedrooms or smaller studios. In these small spaces, many times with a bed or couch, there isn’t much room for a huge studio desk. 

The Spike has the same width and height as other studio desks, but is able to accommodate smaller spaces with a 26” depth

Best Studio Headphones - SRH440

3. Miza 88 Flex | Zaor

Price: $1499

Size:  W-55.91”  D-29.92”  H-38.58”

Material: MDF

Style/Design: Sleek / Natural

Rack Space: 6U

Keyboard Tray: 88 Key

The Miza 88 Flex is high on our list because it prioritizes the keyboard drawer features better than any other desk we’ve seen. 

With its shorter width, it still gives room for 88 keys and even more space for a bit of additional gear. Unlike other studio desks, you can adjust the height of its keyboard tray and maintain excellent cable management. 

Although the 88 key Flex is our favorite, it’s worth it to check out the other products in Zaor’s Miza lineup to see if there are others that fit your space better.

Best Studio Headphones - hd 600

4. Beat Series | Studio Desk

Price: $1,850

Size: W-64.80"  D-32.16”  H-35.62”  

Material: MDF

Style/Design: Modern / Practical

Rack Space: 4U

Keyboard Tray: 61 Key

Studio Desk’s Beat series is one of the most stylish and modern desks you’ll find. Prioritizing Style over gear integration, it has 4U of rack space and a keyboard tray that can accommodate 61 keys. 

The high-quality build and materials also include a sleek black glass tabletop and smudge-resistant paint. It also features a slanted upper shelf for studio monitors to be placed in an optimal listening position.

5. Dual 15 | Argosy Console

Price: $3,510

Size: W-94”  D-50”  H-29.25”  

Material: MDF

Style/Design: Classic / Innovative

Rack Space: 22U

Keyboard Tray: Optional (88 Key)

The Dual 15 made it on our list because it is the kind of desk that you will want to use for the rest of your life. The price is much higher than other studio desks, but Argosy Consoles are arguably the highest quality studio desks you can find before you get into custom desk builds. 

The Argosy Dual 15 has plenty of gear space and is HUGE. If you have a larger space to fill and the budget, this might be the desk for you. Designed more for mixing and mastering, the keyboard option does not include a pull-out drawer.

Best Studio Headphones - hd 280 pro

6. Combo Desk 61 | Zaor

Price: $699

Size: W-49.21”  D-27.95”  H-30.24”  

Material: MDF

Style/Design: Unique / Sturdy

Rack Space: 6U

Keyboard Tray: 61 Key

Smaller in size, the Combo Desk 61 was specifically designed to fit a 61 key keyboard and includes some space for rack gear as well. As the 3rd smallest desk on this list, the Combo desk is another great option for small spaces while still providing a large desk surface area for accessories.

Best Studio Headphones - hd 200 pro

7. WS7500 Workstation | On-Stage

Price: $290

Size: W-43”  D-23.5”  H-29”  

Material: MDF

Style/Design: Practical / Versatile

Rack Space: 0U

Keyboard Tray: 48 Key

When you’re starting out, you may be using a desktop audio interface, which is really all the outboard gear you need to make pro-level songs these days.

This desk is perfect for smaller rooms and doesn’t include any rack space. This 48-key desk has a sleek design and sturdy materials and we can’t forget the price: $290 makes this one of the most affordable quality desks on the market. 

Best Studio Headphones - dt 990 pro

8. Anette Music Desk

Price: $491

Size: W-47”  D-24”  H-42”  

Material: Wood

Style/Design: Modern / Wooden

Rack Space: 8U

Keyboard Tray: 61

This desk was a bit harder to discover. Underneath all the noise of the larger studio furniture companies hides one of the best budget music production desks out there. 

While the size is comparable to the WS7500, it has enough space for 8U of rack space and 61 keys. The wooden desktop held by steel legs gives this desk a modern industrial design and a sturdy build.

Best Studio Headphones - dt880 pro

9. ProRack 88 key | RAB Audio

Price: $1,590

Size: W-81”  D-38”  H-30.5”  

Material: MDF

Style/Design: Functional / Modern

Rack Space: 8U

Keyboard Tray: 88 Key

RAB Audio makes a whole lineup of music studio desks. With Sweetwater as one of their retailers, this desk comes with quality and great customer service. This 88 key studio desk is a similar price to our number three but sits as wide as 81 inches. 

RAB Audio prioritizes functionality over design when it comes to their recording desks with a black finish and basic MDF board. Even without a wood finish or design, these desks are ergonomic and of high quality.

Best Studio Headphones - dt770 pro

10. Sessiondesk | Gustav

Price: $1,539

Size: W-92.44”  D-44.37”  H-36.22”  

Material: Polyplex

Style/Design: Timeless / Wooden

Rack Space: 18U

Keyboard Tray: Optional 88 key

Similar to the Dual 15L Argosy Console at half the price, this desk has 18U of outboard space, monitor shelves, and unique wooden-polyplex material.

The adjustable center table can be placed for maximum comfort. While the base desk doesn't come with a keyboard tray, you can purchase one for an additional €245.

Best Studio Headphones - k612 pro

11. Eleazar Studio Desk | Acme Furniture

Price: $605

Size: W-83”  D-40”  H-37”  

Material: Composite Wood

Style/Design: Modern / Wooden

Rack Space: 9U

Keyboard Tray: 48 Key

The Eleazar Studio Desk is the largest budget studio workstation we could find. For the lower price, you still get more rack space than other desks on the list. It’s made out of composite wood held up by a metal frame. 

The only con of a large 83” wide desk is that it only offers space for a 48-key keyboard, but if you don’t need much keyboard space, this is a great desk for any studio.

12. ProRack 61 Key | RAB Audio

Price: $1,279

Size: W-61”  D-36”  H-30.5”  

Material: MDF

Style/Design: Functional / Modern

Rack Space: 6U

Keyboard Tray: 61 Key

Although this desk sits at the bottom of the list, it’s still one of the best home recording studio desks you can buy. Just like its big brother, the ProRack 61-Key prioritizes functionality and build to provide a high-quality studio experience. 

The differences between this desk and the 88-key version is the 6U of rack space, smaller keyboard tray, and a monitor bridge across the back end of the desk.

Best DIY Studio Desks

The Market for studio desks is fairly niche, and therefore expensive. If you're looking for a desk that is more affordable and can be repurposed into a studio desk, these DIY desks are great options.

13. Eldon Gaming Desk with Hutch

Price: $469.99

Size: W-54”  D-23.75”  H-34.75”  

Material: Wood/Metal

Style/Design: Functional / Simplistic

Rack Space: None

Keyboard Tray: None

The first type of DIY desk is the Eldon Gaming Desk with Hutch. This is a great-looking desk, with lots of space for computers and equipment, and a hutch for your studio monitors. There is enough space for plenty of equipment in this desk, and it has a modern and sleek design. Even though this desk is designed for gaming, it would work perfectly in a studio.

14. Loring Wood Writing Desk with Drawers | Project 62

Price: $97.50

Size: W-42”  D-20”  H-30”  

Material: Particle Board

Style/Design: Mid-Century Modern / Industrial

Rack Space: None

Keyboard Tray: None

The Loring Writing Desk is a very affordable option, and it would suit a studio well. It’s  not very large, so you would only be able to fit a few things on it. As a very simple desk it would be easy to suit your studio’s aesthetic and would work well in a small studio spaces, or it could be used as a laptop desk in a bigger studio.

15. Office Desk | Branch

Price: $369

Size: W-48”  D-24”  H-30”  

Material: Laminated Wood

Style/Design: Functional / Modern

Rack Space: None

Keyboard Tray: None

Branch Desks tend to be a little bit more expensive, but the quality is worth the price. This desk is large enough to hold a computer and studio monitors, plus a couple of other things. This desk is made of a mix of wood and metal, which gives it a sleek look. This is a nice desk for a studio and looks good in any room.

Best Standing Studio Desks

16. UPLIFT Custom Solid Wood Standing Desk

Price: $1,999

Size: W-Custom”  D-Custom”  H-Custom” 

Material: Solid Wood

Style/Design: Functional / Modern

Rack Space: None

Keyboard Tray: None

Uplift Desks are some of the highest quality standing desks you can find. The cool thing about these desks is that they are custom made to order. They don’t just have desks in stock, but they specifically cut the wood for your desktop based on the dimensions you give them.

This makes the high price point worth it because you can get a standing desk that specifically fits your studio space.

17. Jarvis Bamboo and Laminate Desktops

Price: $200

Size: W-30”  D-24”  H-Custom”   

Material: MDF

Style/Design: Functional / Modern

Rack Space: None

Keyboard Tray: None

This is a very attractive and sleek workspace, with a bamboo laminate top and a column made of powder-coated steel. Jarvis Bamboo is very sturdy, and it has a wide range of heights that you can adjust to in order to find the most comfortable standing or seating position. As a more affordable option than the UPLIFT, this is a very good quality and would work well in a studio.

More Studio Desk Options

While it’s nice to have places for keyboards and gear, it’s not necessary to make music. For the first few years of my music production journey, I used a $40 desk from Ikea. It worked perfectly for me until I decided to upgrade.

Building Your Own Studio Desk

Another great option is to build your own desk. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can find some YouTube tutorials to help you build the perfect desk to meet your needs. This is also a great option because it gives you complete control over your desk’s features.