“So much dang good information and an AWESOME community! Hyperbits is so awesome and I really felt like the instructors cared about our progress and did whatever they could to help us succeed. Highly recommend!"

Adam Turley
Join the Hyperbits Masterclass

“All of my mixes sound fuller, professional and polished. I broke through to the next level of mixing/production after banging my head up against the wall for years (and I do professional licensing and publishing work). It took almost no time for me to hear the results.”

Paul Riggio

"The Masterclass was an amazing experience to learn and connect with other producers. Hyperbits covers literally everything from the technical and creative aspects of music production to music business, as well as the mental aspects of being an up and coming producer. It really helped me take that extra step towards tightening up my chops and developing the right mindset to succeed in my music. Hyperbits' guidance was very pivotal in achieving my goals...like hitting #1 on HypeM, and he’s always ready to help out even after the class. He's the man!"

Erich Yeung

"Songs used to take me several weeks to complete. Now I’m finishing arrangements in 1-2 days, and the tracks sound much more full and warm. My old stuff sounded very thin and brittle before I took the Masterclass."


"Three game changers: I learned how to make my builds extremely effective, I learned how to actually use tons of powerful plugins, and I learned how to make my workflow smoother which has lead to banging out tracks with much more regularity."


“The Hyperbits Masterclass is the perfect resource and confidence builder for all producers wanting put an end to all the unanswered questions and wild goose chases online. I took the last class, no I am not part of the faculty, I’m just one producer who spent $20,000 dollars at an audio engineering school using technologies that were totally outdated. After the Hyperbits Masterclass, I made over 500 dollars last month mastering other people's music, prior to the class I made nothing.”


“Because of this class, I was able to make my music sound literally 3x bigger and fuller. It's crazy how much proper mixing tools like saturation can impact your mix once you know what you're doing. This class is perfect for anyone trying to get to the highest, professional tier of music production quality."


“Cleaner mixdowns! Lemme tell you, I can’t believe that there was such an improvement. Like I’ve attended some pretty well-known big electronic music schools, but what I got out of those was a fraction of what I got out of the Masterclass. Hyperbits helped me grow as an artist and gave me so much confidence in my mixes now."

Raphael Bussy

"Here's the thing. I've made over 100+ songs in the past year, and the song I showed Hyperbits in the last week of class was by far the best thing I've created to date, because of what I learned in the class. I'd also like to mention that you don't need to be making 'EDM' to get value out of this class, just anything electronic. And btw, with 3 live sessions every week, there was more than enough time to ask every single question that came to mind."

Ryan Krysiak
Rock School Studios

“This Masterclass is probably the best one on the internet tbh, I seriously recommend it. They will take you through every step of the process of what it takes to stand a chance in this business and I just landed a dream job after taking this class.”

Robin Eriksson

“I'm now able to confidently make club-ready music without hesitation. The biggest thing though, is that I can strategically lay down sounds, compositions, processing chains and know exactly WHY I'm doing those things. I'm now able to tweak and tailor my music to get it exactly where I want - which is what I was looking for coming into this class."

Joel Freck

"I learned a TON of stuff. The parts about saturation and reductive EQ alone changed my entire workflow. Seeing the Hyperbits workflow and approach to mixing and mastering was absolutely invaluable."

Bobby Hilzen

“There is literally nobody else on the internet doing what Hyperbits is doing. What sets him apart from the 99999 other guys is that he's actually had a successful career in music. This isn't the blind leading the blind. It's the woke leading the blind. If I had discovered him earlier, I would have paid 0 attention and 0 dollars to all the other sites.”

Chris Hogan

“For me, the value of the class was filling in small but critical gaps in technical knowledge. I learned how to consider each sound in relation to others, and which aspects of the sound to focus on when doing so. By week 5, how I thought about sounds within my tracks had completely changed, even though the specific topics were not overly complex.”


“This is really the best class I’ve ever taken in music. I’m creating ideas much faster, I’m achieving way cleaner mixes, constructing more interesting grooves and movement, and learning to master on my own will be a huge time and money saver."

Chris Fezza

“My goal was to not only expand upon my skillset but to also meet like-minded peers and grow my musical network. Goal accomplished! Blessed to have been part of this amazing group and the Hyperbits approach to teaching is so relatable."


“Reworking my processing chain literally made the whole class worth it. You can’t randomly throw around plugins and hope to get a professional sound. Serik’s processing chain has had an incredible impact on finishing off my tunes."

TJ Sarda

“The reverb information alone was unbelievably valuable. I've seen a lot of videos on production and I've never heard reverbs explained that well. Hyperbits also made sense of mastering for me, which is so valuable and something that I always struggled with. If you're motivated and someone who considers themselves a serious producer this is the perfect class."

Jarel Hill

“For those considering making the investment, I strongly recommend this class. Having gone thru both undergrad and masters’ programs at Texas A&M, I’ve always appreciated a very process oriented approach to education. I’ve heard great things about both Serik and Zach’s teaching style and had the privilege to experience it for myself. For me that was the deciding factor to making this investment. These guys will absolutely enable your growth as a music producer and put you on the path to move forward in achieving your music goals. Accelerating your creative workflow, building your network, enhancing your sound quality, and holding yourself accountable are all aspects that I’m carrying forward now that I finished this class.”

Mario Campos

“This class changed everything for me, a methodology that works coupled with techniques that are practical. Learned more in 8 weeks than in 2 years.”

Ian Everette

“This class changed my life and the way I am producing. Not only did I get to sign with my dream label (Armada), but I also got supported by the biggest legends in electronic music. Nothing will ever get close to this class. 100% worth the money. Go for it and take your sound to the next level like so many Hyperbits students.”

Jozsef Puchler

“Hyperbits runs a tight ship. The class rules, I learned a ton and ended up meeting one of my best friends while taking it. Don't hesitate to sign up.”

Anson Seabra
Join the Hyperbits Masterclass

“Today, I sent the song I’ve been working on for the past 2 homework assignments to a friend who runs a pretty successful studio. He called me immediately after and said ‘Man, it’s like you time traveled and skipped a couple years of development. That song sounds amazing!’ Thank you Hyperbits for taking this journey with me. You’ve changed everything.”

Mo Ackerman

“A lot of experienced producers say ‘There are no rules in music’ and while that may be true, the guidelines from the Masterclass really helped progress my sound. The class definitely played a role in getting multiple Hype Machine #1 records since.”

Ian Snow

“Getting better is always a never ending process, but immedietely after week 1 I started seeing some big improvements. It didn’t take long for my music to start sounding professional. I really couldn’t recommend this course more. If you’re a serious hobbyist or someone trying to become a professional, this class is a must-take.”


“If you haven't yet, take this course. I've been producing semi-professionally for a long time, and I've gotta hand it to Hyperbits. This course is excellent, and I picked up some great new techniques that have taken my productions up a level. It's more than just the material, though...it's the framework of weekly homework, accountability, and community. Anyone who produces knows that half the struggle is actually GETTING SHIT DONE. This structure helps immensely with that, and Serik and Zach know their stuff big time and how to teach it.”

Will Darling
EDM Tips

“Honestly, I was looking for a course that could improve my mixes and wow, these 8 weeks blew my expectations out of the water. All the knowledge, habits, support, and encouragement gained from the class pushed me to make music that can now be played alongside my favorite artists."


“The results were immediate after each week since because of the homework! By the end of the 8th week, I had already finished a track and applied everything i learned from class and got a LOUD and CLEAN mix and master. I learned a lot of new and great things. First of all a lot of technical tips & tricks. And on the other hand a lot of mental things and how to work more consistently and getting a better workflow. "


“Reworking my processing chain was huge for me. Everything regarding mixing was why I took the class, and it provided me with the insight I was looking for. I would recommend this course to any producers who are looking to take the next step in their productions but don't know where to start.”


“All of my music sounds WAY better. It’s clearer, sharper, and more dynamic, which helped me get a few tracks signed to some solid labels."


“Strongly recommend this program to anyone on the fence. I’ve invested a lot in my music education and I’d say this is the best bang for the buck and has pushed me the most forward. My confidence as a producer, my ability to move quickly, and the quality of my tracks immediately and greatly improved.”

Neil Paul

“I was looking for a school that would teach me all the necessary knowledge about music production and help me make my way through all the contradictory tutorials on youtube. From the moment I signed up for the Hyperbits Masterclass it was already clear in the first week that I found ridiculously much more than that. Serik, Zach and Pete simply are some of the most skilled producers and mentors in the field.”

Jannick Colebunders

"My goal was very much to make professional sounding music and join the 99th percentile producer within a year after I quit my job. My music has improved 10x, sounds significantly more professionally and by the end of the course, I’ve made extremely dramatic jumps."

Niko Kotoulas
Piano for Producers

“Just comparing my music before and after the Masterclass, I’m convinced it cut YEARS off my learning curve. Honestly, this class is worth way more than the asking price."


“First, I got a very positive shift in mindset from this class. Week 1 was a fantastic overview of what it takes to be a successful producer and how to approach your craft from both a mental and technical perspective. The remaining weeks (2-8) were very comprehensive and helped me in implementing structure and organization to my productions, not to mention all of the super-valuable mixing / mastering wisdom. I felt like nothing was really "hidden" or "left out" in terms of material covered. Discussions on work ethic and marketing were a great addition, and the office hours plus the private FB group were also very engaging."


“Now that the course is over I look back at my older music and it's just insane how much better my stuff is sounding. I really think the most important result I got was learning advanced processing chains and techniques that give my music that polished feel - and ultimately, a more polished sound. The Masterclass is perfect for any producer trying to get their music to the next level."


“The song I released during class had greatly increased clarity and cohesion, and was also easily made commercially loud through mastering. For the first time since I had started production, every mixing decision I made had a purpose that I could clearly communicate to myself and others. I also got a much better sense of how to market myself."


“This course helped my ability to hear where my mixes were deficient, it helped me to get passed a lot of my self-doubt and insecurities - really helped with the psychological aspects, it gave me a template to follow to achieve my desired result.”

Tyler Barr

“There are a huge number of things that I "don't know that I don't know," and learning them through trial and error is an inefficient use of time. My goal when taking this course was to uncover as many of these "don't know that I don't know" things as possible - in that respect I got my money's worth (and then some.) My time in Ableton has been more productive than it's ever been, and if you compare my current productions to what I posted a few months ago, the difference is absolutely huge.”

Evan Kim

“My music is much more refined and the quality has improved overall. Most importantly, I have the confidence that what I’m doing is right, rather than doing things with the doubt that maybe the guy you’re listening to on YouTube doesn’t know what he’s talking about. For me, I feel like I had already mastered all the basics of producing, and it was just about picking up those small tweaks such as learning the proper order of the mixing chain or what kinds of reverb to use for certain instruments.”


“Overall, my music has come such a long way in such a short amount of time. Weeks 3 & 4 literally changed my life. From there, everything started to fall into place. I’m just so incredibly thankful to Hyperbits for hosting such an enlightening class…one that I have no doubt, when looking back in the future, will stand out as one of the most important steps I took as a producer.”

Evan Morris

“I saw an immediate improvement in my music not even after, but halfway through the class. And about a month after the class I got a track that I had been working on for over a year and had already gotten rejected by labels signed to a reputable record label. Could not recommend this class enough!”

Curran Kay

“If you are in any way trying to improve your music, there is simply nothing better than the Hyperbits Masterclass, nothing else comes close. 100% worth it.”

Vipul Gargya

"I'm very proud to say I do music full time, I'm averaging about 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and I've released with great labels like Sony, Universal, Selected and Interior Minds. If I hadn't done the Hyperbits Masterclass, I wouldn't have been able to make this dream happen. It's a no-brainer!"

Sam Welch
Join the Hyperbits Masterclass

“This class has been a breakthrough for my productions. It has helped me identify the gap between where I am and where I want to be, as well as a specific strategy to get there. I've already almost finished 5 new tracks in the last 2 weeks, and all these tracks are 10 times better, more beautiful, and more impactful than any of my previous work. The Masterclass is designed for dedicated producers that want to cut out years of trial and error and are willing to put in the work. It takes hard work but I'm seeing results, plus this helped me land a job as an audio engineer for Youtube."

José Vallado

“The Masterclass took the guesswork out of basically everything throughout the production process. Now that I know what things do (plugins/knobs on synths/etc.), I'm no longer applying effects and EQs at random -- everything has a purpose and it feels so damn good to know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.”


“After this class my tracks are more powerful AND clean due to proper use of reductive EQ and saturation. After learning those techniques, the improvement in my mixes was almost instant."

Alex Blatt

“I now understand what distinguishes an amateur sound from a pro sound - which is just priceless and something, you don't learn in school. I feel prepared to kick some ass now after only the first few sessions. All my new music immediately sounds "better" and way less digital than before."


“It only took a few weeks but wow - my mixes sound way cleaner, brighter, louder, and more professional. The Masterclass is perfect for anyone who wants to take their electronic dance music production skills to the next level, but I would recommend at least a year of production under your belt before you start the course so you don't get too overwhelmed."


"To put it simply, my music went from sounding relatively beginner sounding and cheap to very commercially and professionally composed and sonically polished."

Dylan Dubois

“It helps me to think about music production in terms of inputs and outputs. A finished song is an output. Play count and streaming numbers are an output. When you focus on the inputs, the right outputs will follow. This class taught me how to develop a system for consistently adding the right inputs."

Alex Evangelista

"I was able to develop a very organized, and methodical approach to developing my sounds and arranging my songs. Before it felt like a ton of guesswork, but now I feel confident knowing why I'm making the decisions I'm making and knowing how to get to a specific result I'm looking for."

Jason Brown

“The Masterclass streamlined my technical & practical approach to creating music. Having a process that can be applied to essentially any situation is incredibly valuable... When using the Hyperbits processing chain, results were more or less immediate. It's already been a tremendous improvement in every aspect of my creative process.”

Michael Perll

“The Hyperbits Masterclass offers a tried and tested method to achieve a commercial mix and master, while avoiding years of trial and error.”

Tyler Bardzilowski

“"The Hyperbits Masterclass really gave me the blueprint to produce music at a professional level. Before Hyperbits, I had a lot of great ideas. But after, I had the ability to bring them to fruition the way the sounded in my head."”


“What I've learned in 3 months following the course, seriously, was exponentially more than what I had learned on my own in more than 6-8 years using Logic, Ableton and Pro Tools. Some of the techniques, like managing low end, instantly improved my tracks."

William Silva

"I've progressed by leaps and bounds in just two months. I'm not totally there yet but I've gained a far more solid understanding of music production and everything is sounding way more balanced and polished. I've also become far more methodical in my approach to mixing."

Bob Erinkveld

"The quality of my sound increased tenfold. Understanding saturation and the proper use of compression was incredible."

William Martinez

“So many results, I'll just list them: clearer mixes, confidence in approaching my mixdowns and mastering sessions, a strong understanding of all necessary tools to create a track (effects, gain structure, signal flow which was huge btw), dispelled the illusion of needing someone else to master my tracks, and reverse engineering for sound design."


"I am now able to consistently mix songs with clarity, and produce songs that match up to a professionally loud standard. I started hearing results after the first lesson on mixing in week 3."

Jarrod Holmberg

“This course has already taken my productions to a much higher level than they were in just 8 weeks. I’ve achieved overall better and cleaner tracks, a more logical thought process when it comes to mixing, and better sound design and selection. This was THE BEST music production course I have taken."

Jordan Lienhard

“My mixes are louder and cleaner than they ever have been, I know what I have to do to get better, I have a new network, and I have a better understanding of how to approach a career as an artist."

Will Kammerait

“This class was very comprehensive, well thought out, and DEFINITELY worth the investment. As a newer producer, this course has given me a great foundation to deliberately learn and focus on the most important parts of becoming a better producer."

Saurabh Deo

“Once I learned the processing chain, the results were immediate. Additionally, learning that layering sounds, each with a specific frequency range, has been crucial in my progress. Previously my tracks were dull and lifeless, and now I am starting to get mixes that are closer to the tracks I admire.”

Brian Danos

“I now understand what mixing actually is, whereas before it felt like I was just shooting darts with a blindfold.”

Jacob Class

“Taking the Hyperbits Masterclass was one of the best things I could’ve done for myself as a producer. It didn’t happen overnight, but Skrillex, Jack U & Party Favor are playing my music now and this class definitely helped take my productions to the next level."

Kirk Cosier
Join the Hyperbits Masterclass

"This class helped me accomplish three huge goals that I've strived to achieve for years. First, I now fully understand how to make my music sound exactly how I imagined it in my head, or even better than I imagined. I no longer struggle with getting that initial idea down and sounding great in a short amount of time. Second, I now know how to make my music sound extremely professional and polished, to the point that I feel it can compete with music from my favorite producers. By the end of week 3, the quality of my music had skyrocketed, and it only continued to improve as the course went on. Third, I now know how to master my own music. Mastering was always such a scary and mysterious process to me, but this class made it easy to understand and accomplish. Overall, I truly believe that there wasn't just one specific part of the course that made my music better – it was the accumulation of learning both big and small lessons throughout the course that have led to this point."

Matthew Mancini

"Organization and workflow! I have altered my way of working entirely. Splitting the processes into composition, production, mixing and mastering. Until doing this course, I was kind of doing everything at the same time. This has helped speed up my workflow and make me get tracks finished more often."

Robb Whiteman

"Learning the Hyperbits processing chain was HUGE for me. I had the biggest improvement in my music, probably ever, because of it."

Michael Proctor

"I now have confidence in my decision making while making music. Before, things were a bit trial and error until things sounded good, whereas now I have a framework to work towards. Naturally, there is still an element of trial and error with experimentation, but I have more of a 'north star' now so to speak."

Deen Nauthoa

"I almost immediately started seeing results. It'll take time to get to where I want to be but at least now I have the tools and can easily go back and reference the content."

Matthew Warnock

"There was SO MUCH valuable information from this Masterclass. I got immediate results from implementing the Hyperbits processing chain on several mixes that I was working on at the time. That alone was eye-opening and worth its weight in gold!"

Raymond Turner

"I saw many areas of improvement from taking the course, but I'll specifically call out getting complete arrangements done way faster, with the help of reference tracks and properly utilizing samples."

John Hervey

“I've never mixed or mastered any of my prior recordings. The function of a producer nowadays is very different from when I started, but I now have a great guide and resource to help me become a complete producer.”

Rubén Luis Castillo

"My mixes are sounding less muddy and have more clarity. Honestly, I created a mix just before the class that was pretty muddy. After 7 weeks of classes I went back to it and mixed everything all over again, fixed the bottom end, and it started to sound much better and much less muddy. It put a smile on my face!"

Ash Sholehpak

“I am where I wanted to be much faster than I thought! Of course, all instructors did a great job, and without all the knowledge of the masterclass, nothing could be achieved.”

Vangelis Tsigaras

“This class was one of the best investments I have done for my music career. It helped me advance my production skills in a tremendous way and it really helped my music get to a point where it sounds commercial and polished. Highly recommended, plus it was a blast getting to know other producers who were just like me and Serik makes the class really engaging/fun.”

Anna Sofia
Ms Unicorn

“Each week I gained new skills sets regardless of my knowledge. I felt there was always something even small to gain from each session, regardless of prior experience.”

Blake McDonald
Boston Switch

“I saw results the same week that the concept was introduced, and I only got better each week, like with layering sounds together and the use of sound design, build-ups and fills. I’d recommend this class to any producer under the electronic music umbrella, as well as some pop producers.”

Robbie Huiras

“My music feels more dynamic, rhythmic, full and dense. Results started to really kick around week 5, after having had some time to experiment with the techniques shown in the course.”

Matthew Fisher

“I have now produced tracks that are far above the quality I achieved before the class, and the feedback across the board from friends, collaborators, and peers is that I have improved radically from where I was just a few months ago.”

Becky Boyland

“As someone who is already at the intermediate/advanced level, I learned exactly what my weaknesses were and what I needed to focus on in order to take my music to the next level.”

Peter Elmen-Gruys

“I learned the importance of making lots of small moves to create a cohesive mix. I’d recommend the class to an intermediate producer looking to up their game to the next level.”

Johnny Molfetta

"My songs sound way more professional. My production process went from 3-5 months for one song, to one song a month."

Calvin Htet

“It definitely helped me start breaking lots of bad mixing habits, as well as help build/refine my production practice. I learned so many new things.”

Joel Pritchard

“I now have a more concrete approach when building my song from the ground up; from layering to mixing. I am no longer lost in figuring out what direction I need to go next in my projects.”

Rafi Hanafiah

“I was able to finish a bunch of unfinished tracks and feel confident that my music was sounding close in terms of clarity and fullness to reference tracks that I chose.”

Azim Pradhan

“Hands down the best thing I have ever done for my music career. I have a BFA in audio engineering and I learned more in this class than I did in 4 years at a university. I can’t recommend this class enough. Not only do you get an unreal amount of content that you can apply to producing, but you also have an amazing community you can always count on as well. Don’t sleep on this.”

Michael York
Join the Hyperbits Masterclass

“This class will give your sound a quantum leap forward. I would recommend this class to anyone serious about getting tracks signed by established labels. This class will give you the confidence needed.”

Rob Behrens

“One of the best investments I have made for music. If you really want to improve and meet some great producers this class is the way to go!”

David Sanghwa Lee

“By far the best investment I've made this year. At first it's a lot to take in, but if you keep reviewing and going over everything a couple times, you'll find your groove and start making your tracks shine. The class totally changed my perspective on how I approach projects. Good luck to all you future students and have fun!”

Rico Hernandez

“Without a doubt the best investment I've made in my music career. Those of you are serious about music, or want to be serious about music, this...is...it.”

Jeff Jesalva

“This is easily the best single investment I've ever made for my music. If you really want to improve your music in a short period of time this is definitely the way to go. You'll also meet a bunch of other super talented producers that you can make tracks with and share tips.”

Arjun Kamesh

“Well worth the moola, been recommending this class to every single producer I know who isn't signed.”

Tim Chard

“After going through tons and tons of music production content after the past year this course is the closest thing to a single source of truth for music production. The opportunity to have feedback and access to Serik Slobodskoy and his masterclass community was invaluable. Can't recommend this class enough!”

Scott Harris

“This course is a huge asset to any producer whether new, intermediate or advanced! Don't hesitate if you're thinking about taking the course!”

Joey Ciotti

“A must for serious producers who are seeking to take their music to the next level! Thanks Serik and Zach for the great insights and tips on arranging, layering, sound design, mastering and more.”

Yagmur Kaplan

I would like to thank you for the Masterclass as a whole. I haven't even finished all of the material yet, and I'm already well on my way to being a well-established composer in the world of contemporary dance. Without the techniques I've learned and the mindset shifts I've experienced, surely none of these opportunities would have come my way. You and your team have quite literally changed my life, so for that I am overwhelmingly grateful. Everyone who asks me about where to learn music production, whether it's EDM or not, I recommend Hyperbits religiously. You guys are the best in the game.

Ben Waters

“Week 3 was a personal favorite because this is when you begin digging into mixing techniques and start to take your music to the next level and sounding more professional and polished, which is what we all want!"

Megan Frey


“The Masterclass was actually genuinely life-changing for me. My workflow and quality of what I can serve artists now is so much better, and I've lost count of how many friends have been like "dude what did you do" because they could hear all the growth in such a short period of time. It's also an epic community of people who really want to grow and support each other. Would 100% recommend for anyone serious about growing as a producer and getting clear about their music goals.”

Kevin Winebarger

“This course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. My initial approach to music production was skewed and I didn’t have enough information on where to learn and find knowledge on how to master production. When I discovered Hyperbits Masterclass, I immediately had to research it more and learn what opportunities it had to offer. I’m glad to say I made a good decision being a part of a family that cares so much about music and not only that but I also learned a lot more than what I expected to learn. Personally, I believe this course gave me a chance to better and understand and love music production to a deeper depth.”

Chris Kazura

“This class is priceless. The amount of quality knowledge they give you for the time and price is unbeatable. What you learn will absolutely get your tracks sounding commercial quality. You'll also meet some cool, nice, and helpful people!”

Dominic DeSimio

“This class is much more than "how to produce". It takes you by the hand through all the different parts of production and doesn't stop there. I understood how to get my music to the next level and how to get it heard by the world. I am so grateful to the professors for everything I learnt and to myself for having decided to make such an important step.”

Francesco Formisano

“The Hyperbits course is well organized and professional. The teachers don’t hold back any secrets and are open to answer any questions you have. Highly recommended.”

Alex Dahl

“I didn‘t imagine that this class would benefit me this much because I do underground music, but it actually „rewired“ issues I had which shortened my learning experience about 3 years and my output of quality(!) music multiplied. Even if you make underground music like UK House, Garage, Tech House or Techno you will still benefit.”

Leo Berger

“The Masterclass is like a time-warp that will help you avoid several years of trial-and-error, unfocused learning. Even had I paid twice the price of admission I would have still felt like I got ridiculous value out of it.”

Philipp Michel

“This was quite a game changer. Connects most of the dots for me. You learn a ton of stuff, meet new people, enjoy the music. It was worth 100% and it came at the right moment of my production career. If i had to choose one more time i would still pick this. All the best!”

Christian Klecina

“I was hesitant to spend the money on this, especially given how new I am to production. It's the best money I've spent on production. Am I going to tell you you're going to walk away from this class producing at Skrillex's level? Of course not. But, what differentiates the Hyperbits class is that on top of the skills you do learn and areas where you do improve during the 8 weeks, you also gain an important knowledge bank that guides what you need to work on next. I might not walk away from this class an arrangement/sound design/mixing/insert-skill-here master, but I'll have a defined blueprint as to what I need to do to become said master, with videos, Facebook groups, and various other resources helping me all the way.”

Aaron Root

“Certainly the best decision I have made regarding my music, I had one goal after the class. Release one track within the year. To my surprise I was able two release four tracks within two weeks. All due to what I learned in this class. I also might add two of the tracks were songs I gave up on before the class and thought they had no potential and I would never get them released. Well I was wrong and all I needed to know was in this class. I revamped them with the knowledge I learned and gained a lot of confidence. I fully support this course and really can't mention any cons because there simply aren't any. There is always more to learn and this production journey will be a lifelong one but if you need to know what's gonna propel you to the next level or give you the base you need to expand on your learning I would start here. I also want to mention that being part of a community of producers has been huge. I could go on all day about the pros of this course just do it you won't regret it. I take that back actually you will regret NOT TAKING this course.”

Michael David

“This is really the best class I’ve ever taken in music. I’m creating ideas much faster, I’m achieving way cleaner mixes, constructing more interesting grooves and movement, and learning to master on my own will be a huge time and money saver."

Join the Hyperbits Masterclass

“I took this course a couple years ago and I have absolutely nothing but good things to say. 100% worth the cost if you are serious about learning music production!”

Evan Wiendczak

“Hyperbits is the real deal. He’ll get you radio and performance ready. For me, my journey has led me to becoming a performing artist more than a producer, but with this class, I know what is top level quality and when someone is ripping me off. I got some golden ears thanks to him. It’s a quality program, not to mention all the cool alumni friends I’ve gained. If you’re on the fence about music or going to the next level, this class won’t hurt but will enable you to get to the next level. From knowledge to connections, this is the place to vibe.”

Chris Cortez

“Proud to be an alumni of the course. Quality content from great instructors who know what they’re talking about. Besides all the information and knowledge you get, being part of their online community is super beneficial! Highly recommend.”

Jaxon Fogg

“Honestly, taking this masterclass is one of the best moves an aspiring music producer can take to improve. As promised, the whole experience will definitely shave off years of that steep learning curve we're all facing. Top quality content week after week and several weekly live sessions where you can ask proven industry professionals any question you'd like. Invaluable! The last thing I didn't even consider before signing up is the Hyperbits Alumni group. A big group of driven, talented producers working hard every day to reach their goal same as you. An incredible resource.”

Valentin Došen

“I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is serious about producing and wants to take control of their sound. The information you learn gives you a great foundation(and more) to build upon and is very up to date with industry standards and being able to actually take your tracks to that next level of sound quality. I could honestly say this class was more useful to me than a lot of classes I took in college and paid the same amount of money for. Besides the information and interactive learning, the community you become a part of is priceless and can help you grow and develop beyond the masterclass.”

Mike Mroz

“Great group of instructors with a wealth of knowledge that will far exceed your expectations! Doesn't matter the genre or how long you have been doing this, you are guaranteed to learn a ton and at the same time build your network. Investing in yourself is one of the smartest business decisions you can ever make.”

Hans Hamann

“The Hyperbits masterclass will bring your skills to the next level no matter where you are now, resulting in better and faster making tracks.”

Mirosław Jurkiewicz

“Can't recommend this class enough. As if the classes themselves aren't enough, the tight knit community of alumni and the knowledge they bring is worth twice as much as the class itself.”

Will Vance

“This class was amazing for someone like me who had an idea of how most things in the DAW worked, but needed guidance on how to piece them all together. Serik & Zach don’t promise to reveal that single industry-insider secret that you need to make it big, but instead provide a fundamental understanding of how to use your tools in order to achieve a professional sounding result. All that’s left is for you to take what you’ve learned and apply it. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Shea Orr

“Myself, like many others, found this masterclass to be extremely beneficial. I immediately noticed a difference in my productions. I am just a hobbyist producer, so I was reluctant at first due to the price, but it’s something I love doing, so I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Serik and Zach are great teachers and the way everything is organized and presented is so clear and easy to understand. Can’t recommend this class enough if you love making music but are unhappy with how your productions are sounding.”

Michael Herrick

"Hyperbits is a great teacher 🙌 with a ton of knowledge worth incorporating into your productions. I went from making unofficial bootlegs to signing my first release. These days, my releases are getting support from Armin van Buuren, Blasterjaxx, etc. Take this course!”

Tom Rogers

“Hyperbits is a great teacher who brings out the best in his students. I learned a ton from his class and he goes deep into both the technical and creative aspects of making electronic music. I highly recommend this course for anyone and it's definitely the best investment I've made to improve my music!”

Ben E Ben

“I highly recommend taking this course if you haven't already. I went from having incomplete ideas to completing full tracks (Originals, Remixes, bootlegs), Mixing and mastering them myself and marketing all my releases strategically. I even got signed to an indie label late last year and I'm aiming to reach out to big labels next. Serik & Zach give excellent advice across the board.”

Kevin Valdez

“Music production is a huge subject with many areas to cover, and yet these guys managed to cover every area starting from hardware all the way up to marketing music in a lot of detail. I started off as the guy with thousands of questions and I had all of them answered during the class. In my last week I was struggling to think of anything to ask during our office hours, because everything just came full circle and at this point I know that the only thing that can stop me from making quality music is the lack of practice - not the lack of knowledge!”

Alex Sladman

“Honestly, taking this masterclass is one of the best moves an aspiring music producer can take to improve. As promised, the whole experience will definitely shave off years of that steep learning curve we're all facing. Top quality content week after week and several weekly live sessions where you can ask proven industry professionals any question you'd like. Invaluable! The last thing I didn't even consider before signing up is the Hyperbits Alumni group. A big group of driven, talented producers working hard every day to reach their goal same as you. An incredible resource.”

Valentin Došen

“This class was absolutely incredible - the best part about it was the the amount of epiphanies that happened throughout each week. All the myths about production, all the things that seem out of place when trying to do 20 different things just for 1 track - are examples of things we experience as producers especially starting out. This course completely puts things together cohesively. The evolution to the next level in making music happened after taking this course. They set you up for success. Highly recommend to any producer looking to up their skills to a professional, sculpted, quality level.”

Anthony Stano

“Absolutely loved being a part of this class and still love being a part of the community that is the Hyperbits Alumni. Not only is the actual class unbelievably helpful and informative and exciting and inspiring, but the community you become a part of is such an unbelievable resource to further your career/passion as a music producer.”

John Dyke

“If it wasn't for Serik and the Hyperbits Masterclass, I don't know where I would be with my music right now! I was at a point where I really needed to learn the fundamentals of mixing, composition, and mastering. Almost two years removed from the program, and I am still using my notes from class to constantly develop my skills! After finishing the course, I've connected with a lot of fellow Masterclass Alumni and we continue to learn from each other every day! On top of that, my music has been supported by some of the artists I look up to including Dannic, Nicky Romero, Bingo Players, Ummet Ozcan, NERVO, Cedric Gervais, & many more! For any producer struggling right now, or just wanting to get better, I can't recommend a better option than the Hyperbits Masterclass! ✌️🔥”

Vin Smith

“A wealth of information excellent laid out by Serik, Zach and Pete! If you don't want to surf the next three years on the internet looking for 'how to produce music like a pro' and still feel like you have accomplished nothing... be smart, accelerate your life and jump in!”

Alex Teunissen

“The Masterclass was amazing. Both Serik and Zach are super knowledgeable producers that make difficult concepts like sound design, mixing, mastering, etc. accessible - regardless of what level you're at as a producer. Basically everything you need to know about making professional sounding tracks is covered in depth. You also become surrounded with like minded people - that in and of itself was huge. It's hands down the best decision I've made for my music career, and I'm stoked to continue going over the content. Like many of the other comments, I can't recommend this class enough!”

Nathan Janes

“I came in with a self-assessment of my music at "80%" of where I wanted it to be, and now after taking the Hyperbits class, I feel like God and my abilities are rated well above "100%." In other words, I've surprised myself at what I can do now. Don't get me wrong, there will always be room for growth. It doesn't matter where you are currently on your music production journey, this is the best way online I am aware of to get you to where you are meant to be. And you get a community of positive, like-minded people which makes the purchase a no-brainer. The course has given me the confidence to move to LA and give my journey an honest try. I was on the edge about taking this class and am glad I pulled the trigger and took the course because to me, this course changed my life.”

Derek Wood

"As a result of this class, my artist project has really taken the next step forward, we've had a few tracks signed by labels, we had some support from some pretty well-known DJs, and we even got to play a dream festival of mine.

Alex | Record Club
Join the Hyperbits Masterclass

“Taking this masterclass was THE best decision I made to help achieve my dream. If you want to take your music to the next level, this masterclass is the way to go. They teach exactly what you need to know and do to get your music taken seriously. With heavy focus on mixing and mastering, this masterclass will definitely help you get that professional sound. Other than that the business side of things is also covered, and the Facebook group is worth a hell of a lot in itself. I certainly have no regrets at all after taking this masterclass, I'm sure you won't either.”

Matthew Snyman

“This class is absolutely MASSIVE - if you wanna take your music production to the next level, this is a must! Serik and Zach are great teachers who really put a lot of time and effort into helping you grow as a producer.”

John Bauke

“This is a class I definitely recommend! It has taken my production to levels I didn't think I would be at. I went from playing with sounds to signing my first release thanks to this course. Serik is one of the best teachers I have ever come across. I've networked and met some amazing friends thanks to this class. If you're on the fence about it, just do it, you won't regret it!”

Gregorio Ceniceros

“The weeks of the Masterclass were honestly amazing, Serik is a really good teacher, very knowledgeable and always ready to help anybody out, no matter what question comes up. I think the addition of Zach to the class was also super helpful as they sometimes had different takes and opinions on a topic which allows the students to understand that there is not only 1 recipe for success in music. The community of students was also amazing as each student was on a different level of experience and we learned from one another just by sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences and we still keep in touch after the class is over. If I had to go back I would definitely make the same choice and take the class! It was so worth it!”

Carlo Raiteri

“This class was an incredible journey. It was nothing short of amazing that I got to sit in an audio classroom online shoulder to shoulder with incredible artists from all over the world, all convening at the same time in their respective timezones, and learning stuff that would give college grads a run for their money. It was amazing to hear and learn from world renowned artists, to hear them in their elements and realize that they are real down to earth people who struggle with exactly the same things that I do. As a single mom, I struggled a bit to make this class happen for me financially, but to say it was worth it is an understatement. I freakin' won the Producer's Lottery! With plug-in discounts, social media networking, lifetime access to each and every lesson and office hour, and a valuable one on one coaching session, I'd say the investment was more like a great honor and a gift. Thanks Hyperbits! For literally everything!!!”

Nikita Romanova

“I got more out of the 8 weeks of this class last summer than I did of the four years of production before it. Don't sleep on this - it'll take your music to the next level.”

Hemanth Kini

“If you want to make crisp, professional music in a few months instead of 4-6 years, Serik (Hyperbits) is your man! I wasn't sure if it was worth investing at first, but I decided to... and well, a few months later, my music is sounding next level, and I'm so glad I signed up. If you're serious about your music, this class would be a great investment of time and energy.”

John McIntyre

“I took this class a year ago and my production improved exponentially, both in terms of technical skill and artistic growth. The course demystified a lot of the more advanced concepts behind professional sounding music, and has also given me an awesome network of other music producers that I still talk to regularly. Serik is also an incredible teacher and mentor who really cares about the progress and success of his students. If you're serious about music production and/or considering doing this for a career, I can't recommend this class enough. Feel free to PM me if you want to learn more.”

Aasheesh Paliwal

“Would 100% recommend this to any producer. I learned in 8 weeks what would've otherwise taken me years. And I got to meet amazing, like-minded people!”

Loïc Rohmer

“The masterclass has provided an abundance of quality information that made an insane difference in the quality of my productions. Not only is Serik an excellent teacher who is patient and takes his time to make sure you understand completely but the other students also have great resources and great feedback. It's like a little music community that never stops teaching you, till this day I'm still learning new things from this class. I was a tad bit weary of doing a class online but within the first day every ounce of doubt I had was gone, exceeding my expectations.”

Mark Giroux

"A year on from completing the course and I'm having conversations with people like Island Records, and I'm close to securing a management deal. The fact that my music has improved so much, I'm really seeing industry heads turn, and people are interested in what I'm working on. I'm finally meeting my potential and if you really care about your music, you just simply can't put a price on that.


“The class does a great job teaching all the methods & techniques to get your music sounding professionally polished & how to do it with an efficient workflow. One of the coolest parts of the course is joining an alumni network of other really talented & motivated producers who are always happy to help and give you feedback. Every aspect of producing is covered from the initial idea to the final master. Highly recommend to any motivated producer.”

Alex Chan-Kai

"I am near the end of module 2 and the journey has already been more fruitful than I could imagine. This is exactly what I needed. I am getting my questions answered and I am applying the knowledge directly into my work. I find myself having more desire and excitement to write music because I’m being mentored and guided to the right path. You guys have done such a fantastic job and I really appreciate the personal touch and connection."

Yashar Khaligh

“This Hyperbits Masterclass gives you so much, the lifetime access to content and Facebook groups are worth it alone.”

Ben Wigley

“I always struggled with finishing music or even getting it to sound as good as my 'idols', but I promise you that this Masterclass will exceed all your expectations. From spending months on tracks that weren't even half decent to finishing tracks in 2 weeks and sounding commercially polished and loud as loud can be ! I would take this course a 100 times more if I could, but guess what? You get to revisit the videos whenever you want with life-time access !! Plus you'll be amazed with how much help you will get from the Alumni Group and I can assure you, some of those guys are KILLING IT. Much love and respect to Serik.”

Salvatore Dipasquale

“I absolutely 100% recommend this course! Quality knowledge and a good collective of alumni that will help with any production related questions.”

Joaquin Limon

“What everyone said above and will say below times x 100. Hyperbits is not just some amateur dude trying to make money off teaching music production, he has actually LIVED the life (Producing for Armada, Sony, DJing all over). It's like learning how to create an Enzo Ferrari from Enzo himself. Get connected with Hyperbits because there is no ARTIST who is also teaching this stuff. As far as teaching goes, Hyperbits is the best. Simple, fun and to the point techniques that will take your music production game to another level. Plus the community of fellow producers that you get to stay in touch with is just OMG! Get in before he jacks up his fees because if I were him, I would.”

Jay Bii

“This is the MASTERCLASS you need if you want to make it in the MUSIC INDUSTRY!”

Jimmy Matthey

“This masterclass really is the perfect course whether you're a beginner or professional. You'll soak up a lot of information, tips and tricks about production. Serik does a great job explaining everything and does not hold back sharing anything! I love the fact that you get to re watch the videos as many times as you want and go at your own pace even after it's done! 10/10”

Chris Guest

“I’ve taken a few masterclasses in the last few years, as well as a few in person studio sessions with producers, and I learned more during the Hyperbits course than all of them combined. There's just sooooo much valuable content. It's the best possible option to go to the next level.”

Frankie Hudson

“This class is by far the best investment I've made. It cut the learning curve by years and has created an amazing network of motivated like-minded people who all help each other.”

Mike Sciarretta

“I can also say this will bring your productions to the next level. I even won a remix contest right after the class to prove it!”

Ariel Aparicio

“For any producer that has hit a roadblock and is unsure how to continue progressing, the concepts and techniques presented in the Masterclass help you break out of that rut and really, just step up your game. I can now achieve a much cleaner and more polished sound and it only took me about 3 weeks to start to notice a real difference in my productions.”

Join the Hyperbits Masterclass

“Hands down the most informative and helpful resource I've ever had the pleasure of using. Give it your all, and you'll get something special out of this class.”

Wilson Coltrin

“So as someone who has been producing for 6 years, I haven't seen this much improvement in such a short time period EVER. I was writing good music, but the production quality was so sub-par. The class did exactly what I was hoping for which was to fix my bad production habits by revisiting the fundamentals from the ground up, as well as tap into a huge amount of specific and advanced techniques. All the recommendations for specific plugins were fantastic and super helpful. The advice on how to manipulate presets was awesome, and helped get rid of my ‘never use presets’ mentality. It helped my sounds get to that professional full level.”

Jay Pohlman

“I learned structure as a novice producer and how to make actual conscious decisions start to finish with my projects. By week one, I was getting results and the results compounded from there.”

Brian Foley

“Night and day improvement from where I started.”

Farbod Moridani

“I now understand why certain ‘happy accidents’ were happening. Mastering used to be something that I was afraid of, but now I feel like I can do it on my own.”

Vincent Tobia

“My production knowledge and skills immediately increased. There are easily noticeable things that I am doing better now in my productions that I wasn't doing, or had even thought of before.”

Colin McCall

“This course gave me the keys to finishing my songs and the hands-on process, from beginning to end.”

Kalev Tilk

“This class was 11/10 lifechanging. I play the piano but had no idea how to translate my musical ideas into a DAW as a medium. This course was everything I wanted to know plus SO much more. My mixes have improved astronomically. I finally understand how to use ALL the knobs on plugins. One of the most valuable things the class taught me is how to ask the right questions to improve my skillset, so I can continue the quest on my own. Taking this class was still the best decision of my life.”

Skylar McGill

“My music sounds a lot fuller; I now understand just how much sheen can be added in the mixing process and have a more complete understanding of what goes into making a professional sounding track. Though the results were instantly recognizable, I expect I'll be getting even more value from the class material as I revisit it over time.”

Ryan Duffin

“I'm now finishing tracks! And quickly...”

Joe Anderson

"A year on from completing the course and I'm having conversations with people like Island Records, and I'm close to securing a management deal. The fact that my music has improved so much, I'm really seeing industry heads turn, and people are interested in what I'm working on. I'm finally meeting my potential and if you really care about your music, you just simply can't put a price on that.


"For me the Hyperbits Masterclass took off years of guesswork and trial and error and I noticed a significant improvement in my production quality. You still have to put in the work, but the Masterclass gives you the tools and resources to really know what it takes to get to that professional sound."


“Five weeks in, I noticed that I was producing faster and made more intentional mixing decisions.”

Paul Biegel

“Throughout the Masterclass, I gained a strong understanding of signal flow and the importance of space in a mix. I expect to see very tangible results after about a year of applying what I've

Anthony Andrews

“I’m sure a lot of people in the comments have already mentioned the sheer wealth of production and mixing knowledge that Hyperbits provides in this class so I won’t go on too much about that. The main point I want to make is that the class actually makes you get stuff done. Watching the workflow of producers that are actually finishing and releasing music demystifies the process and allows you to see that you can also increase your productivity if you change your approach. Also, for the cost of the class, the amount of time you get with the tutors is amazing. The level of professionalism definitely makes the class worth the cost.”

Eoin Walsh

“I'm an alum of this class and it seems like everybody has touched on how amazing the information is in the class. It really is incredible how much more confident you feel after finishing this class. But another awesome aspect of this class, is simply the community! What an awesome group of people you're surrounded by when you take this class. It's a bunch of motivated producers who are ready to not only work towards being great producers, but are also ready to help anybody at any time with whatever it is they're struggling with. I still can't get over how supportive and caring of a community the Hyperbits masterclass is; I feel privileged to be a part of it. More than worth it to become a more confident producer and to be apart of such a special community.”

Nate Standen

“The main takeaway was how fast one could complete a song. Before this it would take me months to finish a song but now I have it down to a week and i think i could get it down to the 7-15 hours mentioned in one of the early lessons”

Joshua Vigil 

“This class was inspiring in so many ways. For me it was much more than just the technical knowledge I learned (which was a ton- even after producing for 5 years). So huge thank you to Serik and Zach for all that you do and if anyone is on the fence about this, you'll find it's worth way more than the price of admission. And I'm sure not the only one saying so!”

Robbie Marshall

“It was an amazing class! I learned an incredible amount in such a short amount of time. Most importantly, I can now hear the difference in my tracks! For anyone serious about producing music, this is for you.”

Chris Valax

“Seeking pro advice? Still wondering why your stuff just doesn't sound as good as the tunes uploaded to Beatport? Well Serik certainly can help you out. This masterclass really was a game changer for me. Learnt so much stuff I am now using in all my tracks and man, I even got signed by a record label for one of my trance tunes after finishing class! Really good stuff. Ah, and a nice "bonus": You gain a LOT new producer friends - absolutely priceless and worth every penny.”

Dan Jäger

“This class is worth the money without a doubt. It will save you hundreds of hours of trial and error and immediately improve your sound. If you have a serious desire to better your production skills, and especially if you feel like you are just clueless about that "something" that the pros do, this is for you. It will show you hundreds of those "somethings" in addition to providing concrete examples of those concepts and the ability to ask questions. Also, the alumni network alone is an invaluable resource because of the community of similarly dedicated producers you become a part of.”

Sam Perricone

“My ability to think and reason like a producer was the biggest result of taking the Masterclass. After finishing each lesson, I got results. The Masterclass is perfect for producers in the beginning phases of production looking to learn exponentially.”

Hector Borges

“This Masterclass is perfect for anyone who is already passionate about music and is struggling with what he or she has to learn in what order. The structure of the class saved me years of running in circles.”

Guillaume Myre 

“Before I was doing a song every six months, now I can finish a song a week. I'm making more professional sounding compositions, and I know what to do to improve my mixing and mastering.”

Chelsea James 

First of all, thank you for existing! Ever since I started applying the Hyperbits methods to my production process, my mixes have gotten so much clearer and fuller. Serik (Hyperbits) and his team deserve all the success they get, and there's a small selfish part of me that wishes they don't get too big so that everyone discovers their secrets to professional-sounding mixes.

Rico Reyes

Mixing with reductive EQ, compression, and additive EQ was my favorite module. My music sounds more professional and the results showed right away. Any producer who wants to continue to grow should take this class.”

Jamie Grigalonis

I'm glad I attended this masterclass! My mixes sounded so good after watching the lessons, I got the results instantly, learnt a lot 🙌. All of them are amazing instructors, added a lot of knowledge into my database, the office hours and the live sessions answered all the questions that I had!

John Bauke

I got immediate results in the program. I’m now able to produce end-to-end, from first note to mastering. Thanks to the masterclass, I was able to produce my first track and upload it to all the streaming platforms.

Stephan Singh | snghs

The Hyperbits Masterclass really expanded my mind!! Still have to cope with all of this but wow, the results were so fast!!

Antonio Beltrán Pueyo

The Masterclass was very eye-opening for me. Never thought that so many instruments and plugins are used for production. I am applying the lessons right away, now and seeing the results!

Daniel Williams

Honestly, it didn’t take much time to see my music improve. Everything was explained in an easy and precise way. It was just a matter of plug-and-play. Awesome.

Mohammad Ashmawy

I released a song and worked with a YouTuber with over a million subscribers (DoodleChaos) to sync my song to one of his videos. I was working on this track throughout the class and saw such awesome results. I’d recommend the Masterclass to someone who has at least some knowledge about music production, but is wanting to make their music sound more professional or just learn much more in-depth about the process.

Cort McElmury

Having a real system for mixing and mastering was a total game changer. I was already signed on some nice labels and still benefited from the class which was not overwhelming since I had a decent amount of knowledge going into it.

Jean-Baptiste Aubron

Was able to add more life to my music through saturation, proper level setting in mixing, and of course, proper mastering helped a lot as well. Hoping the Masterclass adds more content around recording live instruments in the future.

Craig Rudrud

Man, I created so much more movement in my songs. I am adding atmospheres to help my song feel more alive now and wow. A great community to bounce ideas off of too. Some of the instructions help me get results immediately. Others took time to get "right" but it all works. I’d certainly recommend this course to someone who has production knowledge and knows their way around their own DAW.

David Gage Hall

It only took 8 weeks, and now I am reassured that I have the knowledge to make pro-sounding music. Would love a section in the Masterclass about how to stay relevant as time goes on.

Yoel Weiss

It's really hard to nail down one specific result from the class, but I'm going to with proper referencing. After learning about referencing and having a system for it, absolutely everything changed.

Ronald Gould

I now have a fuller but at the same time, more clear sound. It took at least half a year for me to really see the results. To those who have been struggling for themselves for two-three years (but not to a beginner), I’d recommend this class!

Jan Svedenhag

I'm still taking the course. I've taken multiple detours to refine my workflow based on what I'm learning. But if I stay dedicated, I know I’ll get good results. It's just taking longer than I anticipated. But that's OK because I feel like I'm building a firm foundation and unique workflow.

Blaise James

My composition improved massively, although I have to revisit some lessons again that I know were the most helpful for me.

Alfred Kamara-Laye

I have a much more technical and commercial ear for what is good. It’s a continuous work in progress, but I hold myself to such a higher standard than I did before thanks to the class. I now have the tool kit to recognize what is professional and what is amateur. This really started to click after the last module on mastering.

Alex Gakenheimer

I now confidently understand the entire mixdown process. The results were nearly immediate. With each new piece I learned, I progressively introduced into my own projects for a better-sounding mix. I'd recommend the Hyperbits Masterclass to growing producers who want the tools to take their music into higher planes of existence.

Mark Farry

What specific result did you get from taking this class? How long did it take to get results? I literally noticed results right away and there's still more for me to try out. Went back and remastered (mixdown + master) an old track that was mixed poorly and the difference was incredible. This is not a course for basics. You need to have the basics down before joining. Definitely an intermediate class.

John Garrett

This Masterclass gave me a better understanding of sound layering, synthesis, DIY mastering, transitions treatment, and powerful tools such as the processing chain, sample processing, and a ton of good information (best and most used plugins on the market, mastering introduction...). Anybody who wants to take his music to the next level, to get closer to the current pop/EDM wall of sound should take this class.

Pierluigi Pevere

This class had everything I knew I was missing in my production. I haven't mastered the things taught in the class yet but it already has improved my production significantly!

Derek Henderson

Taking this class allowed me to connect the dots of everything I’ve learned in production, I was producing music during the whole class and each week was able to apply the new tricks and tips I learned and saw an immediate impact in my productions.

Joshua Nicholas Senofsky

“I achieved a much more professional mix and master to my songs. I achieved this within 4 weeks, the one-on-one session was extremely helpful!

Patrick Goss

More clarity and definition in the mix, everything has its place and ability to shine uniquely which is so awesome. If you’re an intermediate, not a total beginner, I’d recommend the class to any music producer

Luke Estes

Saw so many results in my processing chain confidence & speed in my workflow. Saw results when applying techniques to my projects along with the course material.

Thomas Guerin

Well, I've been trying to make a few tracks to apply the knowledge. The main benefit is now I know how to make it sound good (in every aspect, mixing, mastering, sound design, etc), and I have guidelines rather than just my feelings! Having a class like that also helps you get motivated, and consider an eventual future in music! I feel what I need now is to practice again and again, and get back to the course if needed! I have also the songwriting matrix and the mix master flow that I'm really looking forward to :)

Alex Abondance