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15+ Ways to Find Singers Online For Your Next Track

15+ Ways to Find Singers Online For Your Next Track

“Vocals can turn a song into an emotion that listeners relate to.”

— Anonymous

    Finding singers online is the answer to potentially one of the biggest problems music producers consistently face: getting high quality, top tier vocals. 

    Not only do you need to find someone with a great voice, but also someone who can write lyrics and record. You might find an incredible vocalist on social media but if they can't get you a high quality recording, it doesn't matter.

    We've put together a list of some of the best ways to find singers online and broken it up into three categories:

    1. Music Collaboration Websites
    2. Freelance Websites
    3. Networking & Collaboration
    4. Remix Contests

    Finding a singer through any of these websites and suggestions will not only help you find the right voice you've been looking for. It will also help you find singers who can write, sing, and record well so you can get the best vocal track on your next project.

    Music Collaboration Websites

    Best Music Production Schools - Icon Collective

      SoundBetter is one of the most popular music collaboration websites and has the highest number of vocalists and singers online. With currently over 20,000 vocalists who sing and record professionally, you’ll have plenty of artists to choose from.

      Even though they are one of the largest databases for singers online, it’s easy to find the best singer using their filters sorting options. Browsing by genre, you'll be able to find credits, reviews, and bios on each singer.   

      What is this all about: a place to hire talented musicians with varying budgets.

      What is unique: great interface, ability to upload payments, and work with lots of different artists.

      Cost: varied, get vocals for as little as $100, or as much as $2000+.

      Best Music Production Schools - Pyramind

      Vocalfy is one of the best places to find singers to work with online for its ease of use, affordability and exclusivity (once a certain number of producers have purchased a vocal, the site takes it down to keep the vocal rare).

      Essentially, Vocalfy is a curated marketplace for acapellas in many different electronic genres of music. With a wide variety of singers in different styles, you can easily find a singer that fits your specific needs and preferences.I personally subscribed to their email list and look forward to 'New Vocals Friday' where I scan through new acapellas each week.

      Not every vocal will be perfect for your style or your next track, but that's what makes this platform so intriguing. Pair that with the fact that Vocalfy offers stems and MIDI as a premium add on to the acapellas, you can get going on your next track in no time. And if you really like a singer, you can easily collaborate with one of their vocalists on a custom project.

      What is this all about: an online marketplace where producers can find vocal tracks in a wide range of styles.

      What is unique: high quality vocal tracks, top-tier singers, straightforward pricing and purchase terms.

      Cost: $34-$200.

      Best Music Production Schools - Pyramind

        MelodyNest has 4,000+ vocalists on their platform. Similar to SoundBetter, MelodyNest has professionally trained vocalists with writing and producing capabilities. You can hear their voice auditions or a demo track that they've written from their profile page on MelodyNest.

        What is this all about: an online marketplace to connect with vocalists and topliners.

        What is unique: easy to use interface, easy freelancer filtering, and excellent customer service.

        Cost: varied, cost is usually determined directly with each freelancer.

        Best Music Production Schools - Hyperbits Masterclass

        Airgigs is an online platform where you can find various different types of contractors to complete your projects. Airgigs has some of the most comprehensive directory for all styles and genres of singers. 

        Their thorough search filters let you find exactly what you need for your track. On top of vocalists, you can hire all kinds of instrumentalists and music professionals.

        What is this all about: a website to find pro studio singers, as well as many other types of musicians.

        What is unique: singers have multiple demos, straightforward pricing, and vocalist ratings help you find quality performers.

        Cost: $20-$4000.

        Best Music Production Schools - Beat Lab Academy

        Landr is an online platform where producers can send their track to vocalists create sing on their track. You can search through their online database of vocalists and find the perfect singer. 

        They currently have over 5,000 vocalists on their platform. Landr's vocalists are vocalists who are professionally trained in singing and have experience in recording their voice professionally. 

        One thing we love about Landr is that you can listen to their vocalists singing prior to hiring them. You can hear their voice auditions or a demo track that they've written from their profile page on Landr.

        What is this all about: possibly the most well-known platform for connecting musicians of all stripes.

        What is unique: features singers from a huge range of styles, singers are professional with multiple high-level credits, and an easy-to-use filtering system.

        Cost: $19-$499.

        Vocalizr is an online Jobs platform specifically built to connect vocalists with producers. You need to create a login in order to browse through vocalists, but this website focuses more on high-quality, professional vocalists, so it’s a great option to find someone to sing on your track. 

        Unlike most other websites, singers don’t set their prices. Instead, producers set a budget for singers allowing vocalists to bid on each project. Producers can then choose the best vocalist for their project!

        What is this all about: a website designed specifically to connect producers with vocalists.

        What is unique: singers bid to work with producers, singers have high quality demos, and singers list their microphone model so you can be sure of recording quality.

        Cost: set by the producer.

        Songwriter Link is a marketplace where you can find singers and songwriters to write songs for you. There are thousands of vocalists on SongwriterLink, but one downside to the website is that you have to create a profile before you can even browse vocalists and listen to their demo tracks. 

        Songwriter Link uses algorithms similar to a dating site to pair musicians together. It definitely takes longer to find the right vocalist on this website but the networking aspect of it can be valuable for developing long term professional relationships with vocalists and other musicians.

        What is this all about: a social networking site that connects musicians using an algorithm based on shared interests.

        What is unique: the algorithm will match you with like-minded singers/musicians, free to join, and focuses on songwriters.

        Cost: free to sign up and connect with other musicians.

        Kompoz is a vocal marketplace where vocalists can upload their voice recordings to get discovered by producers. Kompoz vocalists have profiles with bios, links to their social media, and demos so you can hear their voice quality before booking them for your track.

        Kompoz also has an option to hire singers for your music production needs, including lyrics for your song. You can filter vocalists on Kompoz by genre, language, and price. Kompoz vocalists also have reviews from other producers so you know they're real, and their ratings and reviews can help you decide who to book for your song.

        What is this all about: an online marketplace where producers can discover vocalists through their uploaded demos.

        What is unique: large database of motivated singers looking for producers to work with, simple monthly membership pricing, and a collaboration history of artists through the site.

        Cost: $0-$20/month membership fee.

        VocalKitchen is a marketplace for singers and songwriters to be discovered by music producers. VocalKitchen is built off a discovery feature that allows producers to find singers based on what they're looking for in their track.

        If a producer is looking for a female soul singer with a R&B vibe and English lyrics, the discovery feature will help them find the right singer for their project. VocalKitchen also has an option where you can purchase pre-recorded vocal tracks that are posted for sale on the website.

        What is this all about: a hub for producers to find singers to collaborate with or find individual vocal tracks to purchase.

        What is unique: you can purchase individual tracks as an alternative to hiring a vocalist, easy sorting/filtering allows you to find exactly what you want quickly, the site has a proven track record of hit releases!

        Cost: $400-$2000/track.

        GemTracks is a voice-over marketplace where vocalists are hired directly by producers, brands, and agencies. You can find singers with different voice types, languages, and price points.
        Despite their claims of “high-end” vocalists, we were a bit disappointed with the quality of some of their top vocalists on the website. However, every once in a while, you might find a gem here or there (no pun intended).

        What is this all about: an online marketplace featuring vocalists of all styles and price ranges.

        What is unique: features vocalists who speak a variety of different languages, includes topliners/composers, vocalists often also have experience with production.

        Cost: varied, cost is usually determined directly with each freelancer.

        Freelancing Websites

        11. Fiverr

        Fiverr is a marketplace where you can hire people to do various short-term tasks or gigs. You can find singers on Fiverr to sing on your track, but just like most freelance websites, it can be hit or miss with quality vocals.

        There are thousands of Fiverr vocalists, but most of them aren't very professional or won't be able to provide you with a professional standard recording. Finding a quality vocalist on Fiverr can be difficult, but with the right search terms, you can find some great vocalists.

        What is this all about: the biggest marketplace to find freelancers of all kinds online, including singers/musicians.

        What is unique: huge number and variety of vocalists to hire, excellent customer service, and vocalists often have extensive work history to show.

        Cost: $35-$1000+ per gig.

        Upwork is a freelance website where you can hire people to do various different types of work. Similar to Fiverr, you can find vocalists on Upwork to sing on your track, but not all of them will have a songwriting background or recording experience.

        While browsing through Upwork, some of these vocalists are even more impressive than singers on Music Collaboration Websites.

        What is this all about: freelancer marketplace with a reputation for high quality work.

        What is unique: high quality freelancers of all types, vocalists come from a variety of stylistic and technical backgrounds, vocalist ratings help you find quality performers.

        Cost: $10-$200+ per hour.

        FreeLancer has a bit of a different layout than the other websites found on here. Producers will post a project online and freelancers can bid on the project based on the budget provided by the producer. This is a great layout for specific budgets but you have to wait for people to bid on your track before you can choose a vocalist.

        What is this all about: a freelancer website where vocalists bid to work on producers' tracks.

        What is unique: vocalists bid to work with producers, advertised as "the world's largest marketplace", easy chat feature allows instantaneous collaboration with your chosen singer.

        Cost: price is determined by vocalists bidding on your project.

        PeoplePerHour is a freelance marketplace where you can find people to do a variety of different types of work. You can find singers on PeoplePerHour to sing on your track, but their only payment option is to pay an hourly or daily rate for singers.

        Every singer is going to be different so your prices could be affordable or expensive. Just like many of the other websites, you might find the perfect vocalist that you've been looking for, but you'll have to do some digging on the site.

        What is this all about: a freelancer marketplace with a large section for vocalists from many styles.

        What is unique: easy sorting function, pricing is generally more affordable than most competitors.

        Cost: $10-$100+ per hour.

        Networking and Collaboration

        There are several ways to find singers online, but before you jump into booking a vocalist you've found online, take some time to network and collaborate with other producers. You might have mutual friends, or you might be part of a producer Facebook group where you can reach out to other producers for help.

        Networking and collaborating with other musicians can be helpful because, oftentimes, producers are in the same position as you: they're looking for singers for their upcoming track.

        You can also check out producer forums and subreddits where you can ask for help with finding a singer for your track. With producer forums like Reddit Producers, producers can help each other out when they need it and you can find a singer by reaching out to the producer community online.

        The Best thing about collaborating is that you can potentially find the best singer for your track essentially “free.” Many times, producers and songwriters will split royalties on a song instead of paying the vocalist upfront. This way you only have to pay the vocalist royalties if you are also paid royalties. It’s a win-win situation.

        14. Instagram, Facebook, & Other Social Media

        Instagram and other social media platforms are great places to find vocalists since you're able to see them sing, hear their voice, personality, and sometimes even their song lyrics. You can also look for hashtags like #singer, #vocalist, #recordingartist, and #newmusic to find vocalists.

        Social Media can be one of the best ways to find a vocalist online because you literally have access to message anyone. Even if it is a vocalist who might be more well known, if you connect with them through social media, It could help build your brand as a producer.

        SoundCloud is another great place to find vocalists. You can find vocalists on SoundCloud by searching hashtags just like you would search on instagram. If you go to soundcloud’s discover page, you can browse through artists from different genres, listen to their current tracks, and message them directly asking for a collaboration.

        Popular artists receive requests to sing on tracks all the time so you want to give a great first impression when you're reaching out to them via social media. You can say something like:

        “Hi (singer), my name is (blank) and I’m a producer from (Location). I came across your song (song name) and loved your voice!
        Would you be interested in singing on a track I produced? I have an instrumental that I think your vocals would fit great on. You can check out the demo here (private Soundcloud link).
        If you’re interested, I’d love to talk over Zoom or Facetime to collaborate on this track together!

        If you're looking for a singer who is more well-known, there's a chance they're on youtube and you can message them through their youtube channel, or leave a comment on their video.

        Many times, singers will leave a link in the description of their youtube videos to their website, or other forms of contact where you can reach them directly. Sifting through youtube channels can be a lot of work, so this is the best method if you happen to come across a vocalist, and want to see if they have content on youtube.

        Remix Competitions

        If you don't want to have to go through the trouble of finding and paying a singer to sing on a track that you are creating, one of the best ways to make music with an incredible vocal track is to enter a remix competition.

        Not only is this a way to practice your craft, but many remix competitions are sponsored by all kinds of music companies, like Izotope, Sonoworks, Ujam, etc. These competitions will often offer cash prizes, studio equipment, and most importantly, it can score you great networking connections with other talented producers and artists!

        Here is a list of just a places to sign up for Remix Competitions:

        With more than 10 million songs downloaded, Skio is one of the most successful music platforms online. Whether you're a new producer or a well-known artist, Skio is a great place to submit your remixes. Skio's remix submission process is very simple, and they accept all genres.

        In order to submit your remix, you'll need to create an Skio user account. Once you've signed up, head to the Remix page and select the "Submit a Remix" option. Next, you'll need to add a title for your remix, along with the genre, artist, song and instrumentation.

        18. SPLICE

        Anyone who has ever been in the music industry for a while likely has heard about Splice. With over 1 million remixes and over 800,000 unique users, Splice is one of the biggest and most established remix platforms online. Aside from being easy to use, the app is also free to use. You won't have to pay a single cent in order to use Splice.

        What's great about Splice is that they have a section specifically for VSTs. So if you're looking to get your vocal drops into some remixes, you can do just that. Along with being easy to use and free, Splice also has a very active and helpful community. So if you ever have any questions along the way, you can go ahead and ask anyone in the community and they'll be more than happy to help.

        The METAPOP Challenges are dedicated to discovering new talent from up-and-coming and established artists alike. Each month, METAPOP chooses 10 remix submissions from a variety of genres and releases them for remixing. The best remix submissions are then chosen as winners for a chance to have their remixes released as official singles.

        The remixes are entirely judged based on their originality and creativity, with the winning remix being picked based solely on audio quality. The best part? The winners of the METAPOP Challenges aren't just getting their remixes released as singles; they're also gaining the attention of a wide variety of online media outlets, such as Billboard, New York Times, Rolling Stone, and more.

        To sign up and submit your remixes, all you need to do is visit the METAPOP website and follow the simple submission process.

        Final Thoughts

        Finding the right vocalist for your track can be difficult, but with the tips and tricks found in this article, you'll be able to find the vocalist you've been searching for. When it comes to finding the right vocalist for your track, make sure you're looking for someone who not only has a great voice, but also someone who can write lyrics and provide a professional quality recording to add to your track. With these tips, you'll be able to find the best vocalist and get one step closer to releasing your next hit track.