The Ultimate Collection of Free MIDI Files in 2023

The Ultimate Collection of Free MIDI Files in 2023:
Download 1,938 Free MIDI Files

“The rules are: The more playful we get, the more we can get rid of the rules.”

— Hans Zimmer

MIDI packs are a valuable resource that can help you learn and grow as a producer which means, free MIDI files are the best starting point.

It works like sheet music or guitar tabs and can help you in more ways than you would think.

You can analyze the songwriting behind your favorite song and learn how it captivates people. Or even play along with the MIDI at any tempo to improve your piano-playing skills. 

You can expedite your remixes. Rather than sit there trying to figure out the main melody and chords, the raw MIDI from the song removes the roadblock and paves the way for your creativity. 

I’ve heard people say using MIDI packs is “cheating” and you’re not a “real producer” if you use them. 

But that can’t be further from the truth. 

MIDI packs are a valuable resource that can help you learn and grow as a producer.

The Ultimate Collection of Free MIDI Files in 2023

Serum Presets - Unison Cymatics

1. Producer Creators Toolkit - Hyperbits & Piano For Producers

We got together with the big talent at Piano for Producers and created this pack of 1368 free MIDI files. 

This whopping huge pack includes melodies, chord progressions, and MIDI of hit songs from artists like Above & Beyond, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Diplo, Deadmau5, Illenium, and many MANY more. 

This free midi files pack is a powerful tool where you can see for yourself, all of the chords and intricacies behind hit songs. 

There is MIDI from artists like Above & Beyond, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Diplo, Deadmau5, Illenium, and many MANY more.

This pack contains:

  • Free MIDI and samples:
    • 300 famous MIDI chord progressions from hit songs.
    • 200+ vocal toolkit samples
    • 300+ organic percussion loops
  • Free videos and workshops
    • Music production explained
    • 8-step finishing checklist
    • 8 advanced mixing and mastering techniques
  • Free learning guides (PDFs)
    • 50 technical mixing and mastering tips 
    • 20 lessons we wish we knew when we started
    • 8 secrets to finishing music
  • Piano for Producers Melody Pack
    • 1000+ MIDI files
    • Genres: EDM, hip hop, pop, cinematic, and more
    • In-depth MIDI broken down into 12 keys

TIP: Study 300 famous chord progressions from this pack and learn how exactly what makes these songs as good as they are.

Hit songs are hit songs for a reason. They have masterful songwriting, all of the way down to the chord choices.  

Download the Creator’s Toolkit here.

Serum Presets - Hyperbits

2. Beatmaker Blueprint (Teaser Pack) - Unison

Unison is known for their MIDI. In fact, we include their MIDI chord pack FREE for students who join the Hyperbits Masterclass.

This pack is great for beatmakers and hip-hop producers.

This pack contains:

  • 12 808s
  • 6 Atmos
  • 6 Bass Loops (+6 Matching MIDI)
  • 6 Bass Shots
  • 9 Claps
  • 11 Closed Hats
  • 6 Cymbals
  • 12 Drum Loops (+73 Matching MIDI Stems & 44 Matching Audio Stems)
  • 6 Foley
  • 9 FX & Misc
  • 11 Kicks
  • 24 Melody Loops (+76 Matching MIDI Stems & 85 Matching Audio Stems)
  • 18 Melodic Shots
  • 6 Open Hats
  • 9 Percs
  • 6 Rim Shots
  • 3 Snaps
  • 11 Snares

TIP: Unison includes, in some cases, the MIDI to match the audio loops in this pack. This makes it convenient to take inspiration from the audio loop, but swap in your own sounds really quickly. 

You can capture the groove but add your own flavor, quickly and easily. 

Drag the MIDI into your DAW, assign your favorite synth preset, and BOOM! You have yourself an original track. When it comes to free midi files, it doesn't get much better.

Serum Presets - Hyperbits

3. Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials - Unison

Having great production quality in your music sometimes isn’t enough to make it a hit. Most of the time, the songwriting is what carries the song and makes it memorable. 

Unison created this pack to help you explore advanced scales and to try them out in your music without having to learn music theory.

This pack contains:

  • 8 Base scale MIDI for the following scales:
    • Dorian
    • Double Harmonic
    • Harmonic Dominant
    • Harmonic Minor
    • Major Pentatonic
    • Melodic Minor
    • Minor Sixth Diminished
    • Phrygian
  • 16 chords and melodies

TIP: All of the free MIDI files here are in the key of C. So all you have to do is bring the MIDI into your DAW and pitch it up or down to fit the scale of your song — the technical term for that action is transcribing. 

In some instances, you may have to shift individual ‘delinquent’ notes that happen to fall outside of the scale, into scale. These notes tend to sound out of context when played with the rest of the notes. 

Learn more about scales and music theory in the Hyperbits Songwriting Matrix.

Serum Presets - Surge Sounds

4. Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions - Unison

Chord progressions are the foundation of your track. They carry the flow and emotion of the music.

Hit songs are hits because of this. 

This pack is a collection of chord progressions from the biggest hits of all time.

This pack contains:

  • 24 free MIDI file chord progressions, sorted by key, from the following artists:
    • Led Zeppelin
    • Post Malon
    • Billie Eilish
    • Ariana Grande
    • Disclosure
    • Daft Punk
    • Porter Robinson
    • YNW Melly
    • ODESZA
    • Travis Scott
    • ZHU
    • Tiesto
    • David Bowie
    • The Weeknd
    • The Chainsmokers
    • Lil Tecca
    • Dababy
    • Duke Dumont & More.

TIP: Use these free MIDI files as the foundation for your next track. Divide each chord into its own MIDI clip and rearrange the order of each clip to form a brand-new progression.

And don't forget to have fun :)

Serum Presets - Surge Sounds

5. Essential MIDI Melodies - Unison

Melodies are likely the most important part of your songs because it's what the listener will 'latch' on to. At the end of the day, it's the part of the song that will get remembered and get people singing your song in the shower.

This pack contains:

  • 12 unique, hit-worthy free MIDI file melodies

TIP: If you’re ever feeling stuck with “writer’s block,” reach for this pack and shift some notes around. 

You can shift notes up, down, and/or side-to-side and create completely original works.

Serum Presets - Surge Sounds

6. Essential MIDI Drum Kits - Unison

Drums are the heartbeat of your music. The music you find “addictive” tends to have clever drum patterns to build and release tension. 

Drums can also influence what genre the song falls into.

Having MIDI drum kit files in your arsenal can also significantly increase the speed at which you make music.

This pack contains:

  • 5 MIDI drums kits including:
    • 5 Kick MIDI Lines
    • 5 Closed Hat MIDI Lines
    • 5 Open Hat MIDI Lines
    • 5 Snare/Clap MIDI Lines
    • 6 Perc MIDI Lines
    • 2 Off-Snare MIDI Lines

TIP: Save these free MIDI files into your favorites folder and/or templates to easily bring up when starting a new song. 

Also remember, when using these MIDI files with your drums, the silence between your sounds is almost as important as the notes and sounds themselves.

Serum Presets - Surge Sounds

7. Essential Advanced MIDI Chord Progressions - Unison

As I mentioned before, the quality of your songwriting can make or break your track.

One way to make your music stand out is by choosing more advanced chord progressions.

This pack contains:

  • 24 unique chord progressions

TIP: Some songwriters like to start with writing the melody or creating the drum groove first. If you find that this is your preferred style, it may be useful to try writing the chord progressions first.

Use this pack as a way to try a new approach to songwriting. You may be surprised at the result.

Serum Presets - Reddit

8. Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls - Unison

These final free MIDI files from Unison are a great workflow hack.

A lot of songs have great potential but can fall short if the percussion isn’t quite there. 

Having MIDI files with pre-set grooves can help immensely if drum patterns aren’t your thing.

This pack contains:

  • 10 MIDI hi-hat rolls

TIP: If you’re using Ableton, try putting each one of these hi-hat rolls in individual take lanes.

Then use the draw/pencil tool to select different sections of each MIDI clip to create a new and interesting roll.

Serum Presets - 7Skies

9. Waves MIDI Collection –

Waves is a collection of free MIDI files as a sampler to Cymatic’s “Vibes” pack.

This pack centers around creative and expressive melodies for rap, trap, r&b, hip-hop, and house music.

This pack contains:

  • 30 MIDI files, labeled by key

TIP: Here’s a good reference of what notes are in major scales and minor scales.

Serum Presets - Sound Terminal

10. Python MIDI Collection –

This pack by Cymatics was created by a Grammy-nominated pianist. 

The sounds in this pack sound very authentic and would fit genres like hip-hop, trap, and even r&b.

This pack contains:

  • 51 MIDI loops taken from the (paid) Python MIDI Collection

TIP: If you ever have a day where you don’t feel like making music but you know you should, reach for MIDI melody packs like this and start there.

Put your favorite synth with the MIDI and scroll through presets. Inspiration is like lightning; you never know when it is going to strike. This is hands down one of the best free MIDI file packs out there.

Serum Presets - Gravitas

11. Orchid –

The MIDI in this pack is a profound source of colorful melodies that carry heavy emotion. 

In addition, this pack also has more than just MIDI.

This pack contains:

  • 21 full MIDI melodies
  • 434 audio samples and stems

TIP: You can put a full stem from a song in the Ableton sampler and play various notes on your keyboard to make new chopped-up sounds. 

Try this method and pair it with some free MIDI files as an experiment.

Serum Presets - Viper

12. Oracle –

Cymatics is being super generous with this pack. Not only are they giving away free MIDI files, they are also giving away free samples and loops.

This pack contains:

  • 100 MIDI files
  • 310 samples and loops

TIP: This pack generally pairs best with most styles of rap, hip hop, and r&b but I challenge you to try it out in other genres.

Take one of these loops and put a lot of reverb on it to create the backing atmosphere in your track.

Serum Presets - Viper

13. Odyssey - Edm Sample Pack –

EDM has been dominating the music industry for a while now. Even pop music incorporates electronic instruments which makes these free MIDI files that much more helpful.

This pack contains:

  • 45 MIDI files
  • 367 samples and loops

TIP: Even if you don’t produce EDM, this pack has use in your genre. 

Art has no rules so neither should you.

Serum Presets - Viper

14. Cobra –

The Cobra pack is an authentic collection of flute, guitars, melody loops, drum loops, drum shots, MIDI, and more. 

These free MIDI files are perfect for hip hop and beat-making.

This pack contains:

  • 24 MIDI Loops
  • 14 hi-hat MIDI patterns
  • 50+ trap drum loops
  • 100+ drum one shots
  • 29 Melody Loops
  • 24 guitar and flute melodic loops

TIP: This pack makes it easy to create a beat. But simply dragging and placing all of the sounds won’t make you sound unique.

Your unique sound will come from what samples you select and how you process them with post-FX. Go the extra mile and you’ll be paid back 10x over.

Serum Presets - BVKER

15. Eternity Sample Pack –

At the time of this writing, this pack is FREE (normally $35) so jump on this opportunity.

Lofi music is making a huge rise in the electronic music scene.

These free MIDI files in particular are one of the largest free sample packs that Cymatics is giving away.

This pack contains:

  • 22 MIDI files
  • 9 hi-hat MIDI files
  • 62 drum loops
  • 102 drum one shots
  • 30 guitar loops

TIP: If you’re really into that lofi sound, it’s worth checking out the VST RC-20 Retro Color.

It’s $100 but it will become your most-used plugin. Well worth the investment. I promise.

Bonus: Best Paid Midi Packs

Serum Presets - BVKER

Free stuff is nice but we felt it would be a crime if we didn’t tell you about our absolute favorite paid MIDI packs. 

If you’re still hungry for MIDI check out these packs. They are a treasure trove of valuable tools that will supercharge your production game. We simply can't recommend these enough.

Note: The prices listed below are subject to change based on sales and special promotion periods. 

Final Thoughts

These days, MIDI files are the equivalent of sheet music in the music production space. Every top producer uses MIDI in one way or another. 

Whenever you’re able to get access to the raw MIDI of a popular track, you are pulling back the curtain on a well-kept secret behind the songwriting of the song.

MIDI is not only a powerful music creation tool. It is also an indispensable educational tool. 

As homework, I challenge you to create a song using any MIDI chord progression and any MIDI melody found in one (or more) of the packs above. 

Transpose each MIDI clip so they are in the same key.

Time yourself and see how long it takes you to make the foundation of your next song. See? Free MIDI files can be an extremely powerful tool.

Once you have created some real fire, pour some gasoline on it in the Hyperbits Masterclass. See you there <3