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Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight: Adam Turley

Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight:

Adam Turley

'Don't lose sight of why you starting doing it in the first place and try to tap into that energy as much as possible!'

— Adam Turley

We are back with another student spotlight as we turn our attention to Hyperbits Masterclass alumni Adam Turley.

Adam is a Salt Lake City native with a knack for vibrant, delicate pop productions. His sentimental vocals are a perfect pairing for his energetic drums and lively low-end bass instrumentation.

Since graduating from the Hyperbits Masterclass back in 2017, Adam's musical projects have taken wing to the tune of amassing well over 11 million streams across all platforms. This is no small feat, and Adam has used the additional traction to land massive placements, memorable gigs, and career-altering opportunities.

Adam talked about his experience taking the Hyperbits Masterclass, where it has brought him, his favorite parts of collaborating with phenomenal artists, and what the future has in store – including his debut album.

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Adam opens up for the artist SoMo at Utah Valley University

Your music has really come into its own over the past couple of years. What are you trying to accomplish creatively with your music?

Thanks, man! I consider myself to have pretty eclectic influences, so lately, the goal has been to tap into all of them and make tunes that are truly unique to me.

I feel like I've spent the last few years really developing as an artist, and now I'm at the point where I really want to create the Adam Turley sound, so to speak. There's so much great music coming out every day that it's easy to get lost in the crowd. I'm really trying to push the boundaries of pop music and outdo myself with each song. I'm also just trying to stay inspired and have fun.

You have built a large following about your pop-focused productions with a soft-hearted edge. Tell us the story about how you arrived at this being "your sound."

When I first started taking my artistry and production seriously, I made a lot of dance-pop music because that was what was inspiring me at the time. I'm thrilled I started in that space because it has really helped me become a better producer with the pop-focused music I'm making now. I'm still just as obsessed with little production ear candies that I learned how to make back then, and I guess bringing that stuff into the songs I write in my bedroom is what makes up my sound.

I have also really loved really clean, tight, bright productions, so I definitely try to make my mixes hit that way with every song. I definitely think I'm closer to finding "my sound," but I also feel like it's kind of a never-ending pursuit. The day I stop experimenting with new sounds and versions of myself is the day I stop being so stoked about music.

Adam's first full-length project, 'COLOR,' was a massive step forward in his career

What does your workflow usually look like? Did you change or adapt your processes after taking the Hyperbits Masterclass back in 2017?

You know, I feel like everyone says this, but it's because it's true – every song is different. For me, it really depends if I'm in a session writing a song with other people or if I'm alone. The majority of the time, my process begins with a melodic element of some sort—usually a chord progression or a voice memo idea or something. From there, I either start writing melodies and lyrics over those chords, or I'll just dive right into making a beat and then write over the beat afterward. My favorite sessions are when I'm in a room with collaborators, and we write a song while simultaneously producing it out. I've been doing that a LOT lately, and it's become my favorite way to work.

Taking the Hyperbits Masterclass definitely helped shape my workflow, especially when it comes to the mixing stage. It's helped me mix in a more patient, methodical way, and I'm super grateful for that.

Was there a single defining moment that really took your career to the next level? I would love to hear of the best "Aha!" moment you have had that helped move you from amateur to professional-level productions.

I can't think of a single defining moment mostly because I feel like my journey has been so gradual, but once I figured out how to make my drums hit hard and my vocals sound really clean and pristine, my production value went up a lot. Those two things also happen to be my favorite things in music, along with good ole fashioned BASS.

Another critical moment in my career was when one of my tracks hit 1 Million streams on Spotify. That was a goal of mine for a long time, and I feel like it's given me a bit more credibility and opportunity.

What did you find to be most frustrating about music production when you were just starting out? Did the Hyperbits Masterclass help you deal with any of these?

One of the things that I was most frustrated with when I took the Masterclass was that I didn't know who to trust on the internet. I spent hours and hours on Youtube, and I definitely learned a lot of great things. But it was hard for me to know who knew what they were talking about and who didn't.

One of the most significant benefits of the class for me was that I learned from professionals who I knew had the knowledge needed to make professional commercial music. I knew it because I checked out their music, and well... it checked out! I learned many new things and confirmed and solidified the stuff I had already known but was unsure of.

How soon after graduating from the Hyperbits Masterclass did you see the sizable growth of your fanbase to what is it today? (156k monthly listeners)

Within a year of graduating the Hyperbits Masterclass, I was able to get my monthly listeners on Spotify into the hundreds of thousands which WAS AWESOME!

Now that you have gained a fair amount of notoriety within the industry, what are you turning your attention towards now? What are you doing to keep your project moving forward?

I'm in the process of releasing my first full-length project entitled "COLOR," which I'm stoked about. I'm releasing it in two parts, and I just barely put out part one last month, which has five songs on it. The second half is set to come out in its entirety in Spring 2021!

That is where my main focus is right now and continuing to build my social platforms and online presence. I'm also starting to focus a bit more on the songwriting/producing side of my career for other artists, which I definitely want to be doing long term. I just love songs in so many genres, and I love helping other artists make great music as well.


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What is one thing that newer producers do that makes them blend into the crowd? Conversely, what are you doing to make your music stand out from the masses?

I think too many people hear a new release from their favorite artist, and they set out to make a song super similar to it. I am definitely guilty of this. I think it's great to reference music for ideas, and I definitely do it, especially in the mixing phase. But I also believe that there is a lot of value in blind experimentation. It allows you to make happy accidents and stumble across ideas you wouldn't have found otherwise.

I think newer producers should reference a LOT of music initially and not be afraid to piggyback off other artists' sounds because it's a great learning tool. But as soon as you feel like you can, I think it's a great idea to branch off and try things you normally wouldn't if you were trying to make a song like "insert favorite artists here."

You collaborate with a lot of other artists. What strengths do you bring to the table in these situations, and when do you tend to lean upon your collaborators?

You know it's funny because I used to be pretty closed off to collaboration. I wanted to do everything myself, from the songwriting to the production to the mixing and mastering. Now I think much differently, and collaboration is one of my favorite things about making music.

As far as my strengths in collaborative scenarios, I believe my strengths lie in my songwriting (especially melody writing) and my production/arrangement abilities. I LOVE writing melodies, and it has always been a very natural thing to me since I started songwriting at age 15.

I really lean on my collaborators when it comes to lyrics as well as instrument playing. I consider myself a decent lyricist, but I work with many great lyricists, and they definitely help me out in that department. I'm also not the best instrumentalist (I can play several instruments but not amazingly), so if someone is a chord genius or something, I'm definitely leaning on them to help create a vibe in the room.

Succeeding in the music industry can be mentally challenging. What do you do to detach from music and recharge?

Honestly, implementing an exercise routine has helped me tremendously. I hit the gym three days a week, and I've grown to really cherish that time there. It's helped me to feel a sense of fulfillment and progress in that area of my life, even when I may not feel that way about music sometimes.

I also find that hanging out with music friends and listening to what they're working on can help quite a bit. You hear a new track that your friend made, and you get all fired up and pumped to make something even better than them.

'The most significant benefit of the class for me was that I learned from professionals who I knew had the knowledge needed to make professional commercial music. I knew it because I checked out their music, and well, it checked out. . .

. . .Within a year of graduating the Hyperbits Masterclass, I was able to get my monthly listeners on Spotify into the hundreds of thousands which WAS AWESOME!'

For producers like Adam, the journey is as important as the destination – success is a lifelong pursuit. The Hyperbits Masterclass was never built to be an overnight success but instead designed for passionate producers like Adam Turley. It provides the resources for committed producers to crush their goals.

The amount of information available for producers of all levels is a blessing and a curse. Adam noted that he had access to SO MUCH information, but that does not mean you can trust it all. With the Hyperbits Masterclass, the proof is in the proverbial pudding – it worked first for us, then for Adam, and it can work for you too.

We want to extend a gracious thanks to Adam Turley for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. Keep up with Adam and stay informed about his upcoming album by checking out his social networks below:

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