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Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight: Ortox

Hyperbits Masterclass Student Spotlight:


'Nothing will happen in the first few years. But you reach a breaking point – that’s when the fun stuff starts happening, and success follows. You need to keep on trying despite the obstacles and never give up.'

— Ortox

We are back with another student spotlight as we turn our attention to Hyperbits Masterclass alumni – Ortox.

Ortox has been dominating the airwaves with a tasteful blend of sun-soaked melodies and dance-friendly rhythms. His radio-ready sound is a recipe for success, garnering him support from some of the industry's biggest names and amassing millions of plays across all streaming platforms.

He's been making waves and connections across the industry ever since graduating from the Masterclass back in 2018. This is all possible because, at his core, Ortox is a producer who values education and the constant pursuit of perfecting his craft, and I'm sure his star-studded mentors would agree.

We caught up with him to chat about his experience taking the Masterclass, the doors it has opened for him, and how traveling the world affects your choice of pizza toppings.

Tell me a bit about your journey as a producer. How long have you been producing and what are you trying to achieve with your current sound? 

It started off as something fun to do. I've always enjoyed going to parties, but I've never thought about actually creating music until one auspicious day when I was hanging out at my friend's house while he was deep into the process of making music. I was immediately hooked. I'd always thought that this kind of electronic music was made in million-dollar studios.

How wrong I was!

So now I've been producing for over 10 years, and I still love it. Currently, I'm trying to find my unique sound to be even more prominent and recognizable in the music world.

What were your goals with music when you first started? How have your goals and visions as your project changed over time?

When you start, you usually don’t have a lot of knowledge or the necessary technical skills to produce music. That’s why, back then, one of my biggest drives was to make music so good that when you export it from your DAW, it can go directly to the radio stations, which was something that kept me going even when my music was awful. I wanted to quit at this point.

I hated watching YouTube tutorials and eventually just tried teaching myself. However, at one point, I realized this was not the best way to improve, which is precisely the reason why I started taking courses and private lessons (like the Hyperbits Masterclass).

Through constant learning and improving my techniques, I realized that this was something invaluable to me. It took my creative process to the next level and made me realize how important investing in music education is.

Ortox blends pop music and EDM to produce radio-friendly masterpieces

What qualities do you think separate amateur producers from professional ones? 

Professional producers must be able to consistently finish the music that they start producing. Amateurs are great at starting tracks, and always have a hard drive full of unpublished loops, but professionals finish what they start.

Another quality of a professional producer is being able to produce a remix that's better than the original and gains more notoriety than the initial song.

Tell me some aspects of music production that you have struggled with starting out?

Personally, I think that the most challenging aspect at the beginning was the mixdowns as well as choosing the right sounds and samples.

In other words, how to obtain and achieve the level of professional-sounding tracks. No matter how good I get, I always look for ways to make my mixdowns more perfect.

Hard work leads to numbers that speak for themselves

How much did the Hyperbits Masterclass help you deal with these struggles?

The Hyperbits Masterclass drew a map for me. When you watch tutorials on Youtube, you only get a small amount of information regarding the subject. Occasionally, especially after watching too much YouTube, you are tempted to do two different things without knowing which one is actually the correct one.

For me, the Masterclass was all about starting a track, choosing the right sound, mixing, mastering it, and then marketing my music. I needed some time to really digest all the content in the Masterclass and get it into my brain, but once I did, my music really went to the next level!


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Who is someone who has had the largest impact on your career as a producer? How influential have your teachers, mentors, and community been on your music?

After graduating from the Masterclass, I went on to land a mentorship with the world-renowned Slovenian techno producer DJ UMEK and the extraordinarily talented and successful Macedonian producer GALOSKI. These two guys brought my music to life.

They both had insanely successful years with their tracks hitting the top of the charts, so I’m really grateful to have been learning from the best.

Your music really took off last year. We always say that overnight successes don’t exist. So my question is, what personal qualities does a producer need to succeed in the modern music industry? 

I believe that dedication, perseverance, patience, and knowledge are essential, accompanied by your genuine passion for music. For most young aspiring DJs, Nothing will (seemingly) happen in the first few years. But you reach a breaking point – that’s when the fun stuff starts happening, and success follows.

You need to keep on trying despite the obstacles and never give up.

"After taking the Masterclass, I started getting tons of support from top names like Dannic, Kyder, and Lumberjack, and I started getting paid to produce music for others. It felt like all the hard work was finally paying off — literally the best feeling in the world..."

"... I went on to land a mentorship with the world-renowned Slovenian techno producer DJ UMEK and the extraordinarily talented and successful Macedonian producer GALOSKI."

Share your favorite bit of wisdom you learned from the Hyperbits Masterclass that you now use in almost every track.

Well, that’s easy – I benefited immensely from the entire Masterclass, but learning how to finish and export professional music was a game changer!

Tell us a hot take you have that many may disagree with or may not know about you. Bonus points if it has nothing to do with music.

After visiting Thailand, I’ve been converted – I now actually enjoy pineapple on pizza. 

We say it all the time at Hyperbits HQ, but music production is DAMN HARD. Ortox hit the nail on the head when he said that investing in your craft and education is really the best way to start a career in any creative industry.

Because successful producers are driven, focused, and have a passion for every stage of the production process. And it is these producers, ones like Ortox, who thrive in and after taking the Masterclass.

We want to extend a gracious thanks to Ortox for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. Keep up with him and stay informed about his upcoming releases by checking out his social networks below:

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